Tuesday, June 30, 2009

PLKN..nightmare for everyone..

hmmm..lets talk about wad happen today..

early in the morning..
went to school..
distributed the newspaper..
den went back to my class to have my test..
add maths paper 2..
from 7.40 to 10.10..
everyone gave up at about 9am..
including me..
i admit the paper was hard..
coz i didnt even study or do any exercise on it..
ahaha..anything lar..
everyone was chatting around as no one intend to touch the paper again..

den..eaten my breakfast in the class..XD..
[before recess..]
den went to canteen for the second round breakfast..
anything..whatever..i love to eat..XD..
after that..nothing important happens..

my mum fetch me back from school as she got nothing to do at home..
i was so tired and have a nap in the afternoon..
den..i really eat alot today..XD..

about 5 o'clock when i wake up..
saw 4 messages in my phone..
opened it..
and found out that the list of name of plkn is out..
hmm..quickly checked weather my name was on it..
but then..
NOPE..my name is not in..
i wanted to try plkn..
at the same time..
im glad that im not in..
[dunno wad am i thinking..]
i wanted that because it sound nice sometimes..
can try the gun..get to know lotsa friends..
but i can say my mum is VERY HAPPY that i didnt get in..
as my sis spend RM2000++ for her 3 months in the kem..
and the goverment suppose to give RM300 back..
but dunno how my mum keep the document inside the drawer and discover it after 3 years later and the most important thing is the document is EXPIRED...XD..
so..means that my sis went to plkn for waste..~~
kinda blur for my mum..XD..
anything la..

JIA YOU..!!!
think it positively..plkn would be nice too..````

Monday, June 29, 2009

they're back..~~

my daddy and mummy are back..
and the most important thing is..
my sis asked them to bring back chocolate to me..
hanuta and giotto..~~~~
ahahahahahaha...giotto really taste nice..~~~

ahahahahahahahaha..i love chocolate..~~~

and they're also huge size tic-tac..XD..
i will upload the photo next time..
coz haven took it..ahahaha..

oh ya..
sis.., congrats ya..
finally u completed your studies..~~~
ahahaha..7 years passes too..^^..
love ya..muacksss..
[sorry for stealing your pic ar..XD..]

k lar..nothing important in this post..haha..
till then..~~~

im tired..

just now..
went to tuition on the afternoon..
den fetch peyshin home..
den we went to summit..
on the way to summit..we decided to drop by jolyn's house..
ahaha..she was sleeping when her mother wake her up..
we asked her to watch movie together..XD..
the movie was 5.55pm..so i asked her to reach there before the time reach..
we bought the movie for 8 person..
[carlyn, muiling, peyshin, gek, ching, weeling, jolyn and me..]
we watch DRAG ME TO HELL..
nice movie although some scene is scary and disgusting..
ahaha..some scene really shocked me..
hmm..den after that we went to eat pizza..
then i fetch jolyn home..
den fetch ching to shin's house..
gek and shin also there..
ahaha..den go home..fetch gek home too..
den..dunno wad to say le..
tats all le lar..
im so lazy to continue le..
till then..XD..

Sunday, June 28, 2009

ta da..HOME ALONE day 10..

time passes..
now adi the 10th day le..
daddy and mummy is not at home for 10 days le..
ahaha..and i manage to continue living..
all thanks to evonne and my friends acc me..
haha..thanks ya..

just wake up..XD..
so late..
and im going to be late for my chemistry tuition le..
gotta go..
tats all ya..
till then..

will renew whenever im free..XD..
love ya..muaksss...

Saturday, June 27, 2009


back from school just now..
just bath too..
the weather is so0o0o hot..

last night..kenneth fetch me to his house..
im helping evonne to cook spaghetti..
i cut alot of tomatoes, chicken meat and mushrooms..
and blended alot of garlic and onions..
didnt sleep alot last night..
so..very tired today..

today morning..evonne drove me to school..
she parked her car at padang..
helped her to take the food out the car..
alot of stuff too..

den helped els to pack the drinks, soup n chicken rice..
den distribute the chicken rice pack....
actually i deliver 2 only..to efendy and danny..
coz im so lazy..
sorry about that..

happen alot of good things..
volleyball club treated me alot of food..
[zhen zhu nai cha super nice..done by carlyn..]
and science and mathematics club too..XD..
[spaghetti and herbal eggs..]

hmm..today is open day too..
taken my results..
my mummy and daddy didnt come..
they are not around..
so muiling's daddie taken for me..XD..
so nice..`~~`
anyway..my results are not bad gua..
i think so lar..

oh ya..
i bang my hand against the pole in school..
hand still in pain..
carlyn also said before..'walk properly lar..like that also knot mer??same route everyday also can bang the pole..so stupid de..'
but..i admit it too..
im too stupid le..everyday same route also can bang the pole twice today..XD..

i also taken some photos..XD..

me and mr.kamal..`~~~~~

me and peyshin.`.`.`

kelly's car's mirror..~~~

padang under renovation..

yellow kelisa : evonne's car..
white kenari : kelly's car..

k lar..
i dont wan to type adi..
so tired..
cant list out all the things that had happen..
till then..

Thursday, June 25, 2009

i admit that i'm blur..

just now afternoon went to piano classes..
pratice until abit crazy le..
XD..keep on pratice in a very fast speed..
[i wonder why my fingers wont being tied to a knot..XD..]
i went there by my motorbike..
haihz..i wan to get my car license soon..
just because im born in september..
so i cant get my license when i saw all my frens having their car license..==..
hate that feeling..ishhh..
nvm..i still got my motorbike license..
tats better than dont have any license..
as long as i dont need a driver anymore..

kk..after that..i went to tuition..
mdm teng..i wonder why there are pisang goreng in my desk..==..
after that went to johnny's restaurant to fetch carlyn..
we went to summit as she said she want to acc me to have my dinner..
XD..i fetch her with my motorbike..lolss..
dunno how many times i fetch her le..
ahahaha..i parked my motorbike at summit..
after that we went to halo cafe (hai luo) to have our dinner..
the food there is nice..
something funny happens..
i ordered sweet and sour dori fish or dunno wad lar..
just a name..i dont care as long as it is nice..
and mushroom soup with baguatte..coleslaw and apple juice..
i forgot what carlyn ordered..
den..when i wan nearly finish the food..
carlyn told me that we had swop our food le..
i ate hers..
she ate mine..

after that we went to coolblog to buy zhen zhu nai cha..
carlyn added double of zhen zhu for me..
as she knows that i love that..XD..
hmm..after that..
i wanted to fetch her to her bio tuition..
we went to the place i parked my motorbike..
and i realize that...

[again and again..]
i shouted out when i saw my keys was on the motorbike..
luckily this time doesnt have anyone took away..
or else i no need to be back home le..XD..
super super blur..
i left the keys on the motorbike about nearly 2 hours..
so scary..XD..

actually this morning also left my keys on the motorbike..
den my schoolmate told me and i realize that..ahaha..

k lar..
i wan to do my homework le..
till then..
dont miss me ya..`~`






Wednesday, June 24, 2009



又Blur blur的…


wad wad wadddd??????

ok..i admit im crazy..

if anyone is busy..
just move your mouse to the right on the above..
and click the cross..
tis is really bored..

i wan to post bored things again..XD..

[photo abit blur..]
ta da..
i cooked again..
mee goreng + hash browns..

XD..i love hash browns..
i dunno wad to write le..==..
later going tt..
den have dinner with shin..
den..dunno le..

bbq saturday night..
steamboat sunday morning..

daddie n mummie didnt call me..

dunno wad to write le..
tats all..
till then..=]

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


just reach home..
just now meeting..
have to think how to set up the design for the advertising..
aiksss..anything la..
just do it..~~~

wads happening??
wad had been wrong??
dont think so much..

today is the second day..i didnt eat my lunch le..
dunno wad to buy..
normally will drop by granny's house to eat..
or maybe mummy buy lunch for me..
aikss..so lazy..
so decide not to eat..
later dinner also dunno wad to eat..

they are in st.petersburg now..
aikss..i wan go..~~~

jolyn wont be coming to school tomorrow onwards..
she is representing for JOHOR for taekwondo..
ahaha..she super 'shuai' de lar..
haha..later beside me will have empty places..
ahahaha...will her good luck ya..
and 'YOU CAN DO IT'..
just treat the opponent as a monitor lizard..

den nothing le ya..
i have to pratice my piano le..
later still have piano classes..~~~
jia you..!!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

my DINNER for 22/06/09

kk..hmm..im too bored le..
and i decided to teach jolyn how to cook pasta..
XDXD..she said she know how..but..hmm..i dont think so..
ahaha..k lar..coz i also need to eat dinner wad..
so took a few pics..ahaa..
there we go..

open a can of mushroom first..
i suppose u all noe how to open ya..
use the can opener..haha..
rinse the mushroom with the distilled water ya..

hmm..then slice the mushroom..
or cut to the size u wanted..
its the same..
XD..be careful with the knife ya..

oh ya..we still need the pasta and the sauce..
dunno why i choose spaghetti lar..wakaka..
sometimes can cook bow ties or spirals or macaroni would be nice too ya..
ahaha..dinner dinner..~~~~
oh ya..den the sauce..
u can get it in any place such as carrefour..
i prefer prego fresh mushroom..
if want to buy the traditional also can..
actually is the same..
any brand will do..ahaha..

okok..heat some water in the pan?or wok??
i dunno wad is the name..ahaha..
just for cooking..utensils..~~
hmm..heat it under strong fire..
but then agak agak jiu ok le..
den u will see small little tiny bubbles inside..
heat it heat it heat it..hahaha..
when u saw the bubbles..
can turn smaller the fire le..
put in some salt and oil..
this is to make sure the pasta is smooth and QQ..
den take some pasta and throw inside..
must make sure the water is above the pasta ya..
haha..wait the pasta being cooked..~~~

heat another pan..heat it beside it..
is for cooking the sauce..
hmm..must make sure the pan is heated den only u pour in some oil..
the oil will have bubbles when it is hot..

den throw in some slice onions..(if u dont like onions,its ok..dont put it in..)
hmm..the onions will turn abit brown..
den put in the chicken meat..or any ingredients u have such as mushroom or fish balls or fish cakes or bla bla bla..
the chicken meat must add in some sesame oil and salt or seasoning..
den it will taste better..ahaha..
and at this time..u can add any any any ingredient u like..
really..just find in your fridge..
grab anything u have..and mix it..~~~

oh ya..another important thing..
the olive oil..
when the spaghetti is done..
rinse it with cold water..
this will cause the pasta to be very nice..~
ahahahahaha..aunt serene taught me de..~
hmm..den dry the pasta and put on a plate..
add in some olive oil inside the pasta and mix it..

den den den..
pour in the prego sauce inside the pan..
heat it for about 2 minutes..~
after that..can close the gas le..~

ta da..~~~~~~
pour the sauce on the pasta..
ahahahahahhahahahaha..tats all..

i can say that the pasta was nice..~
hahaha..and i dont know how to wash clothes but i know how to cook..^^..
till then..
anything can ask me ya..`


just back from school..
im tired..
and i want to sleep..~~~~~~~~

i found that i miss my daddie and mummy..
yesterday..i phone my daddie..
i wanted to say happy father's day to him..
but i just cant say it out..ahaha..
XDXD..aiyar..he knows wad i mean de lar..haha..lolss..
den i ask him to pass the phone to mummy..
they said they wanted to so st.petersburg le..
hmmm..they asked me wad i wan..=="..
who noes??
i got hanuta and giotto den enuf le..
ahaha..dont forgot to bring back for me hor..
or else u all sure get from me de..
[ahaha..wilful daughter is like tat one..]
den..i really wishhhhh to go lar..
why left me alone in malaysia??????????????
hmphhhh...next time i fly alone to germany..blerks..

hmm..den today wake up very early..
den went to school..
i brought my handphone to school too..
keep SMSing during chemistry period..
sorry ya..Mr.Kamal..XD..
i know u dotes me de..ahaha..
im crazying..~~~
just ignore me ba..
oh ya..i LOVE drawing..ahahahaaaaa....

den..nothing le..
tats all ya..~
till then..~~

Sunday, June 21, 2009

ahaha..HOME ALONE day3..

XD..today is father's day..
but den my daddie is not beside me..
he is spending his holiday overseas..=="..
left me alone..
XD..nvm la..

kk..talk about today..
slept until 12++...
after that went to Pizza Hut in BP Mall..
XD..eat eat eat..shopping shopping shopping..
haha..bought alot of things too..
ahaha..and i bought alot of handphone's stickers..
super cute de lar..XD..
haha..im lovin it..
hmm..then..went to evonne's house for the whole day..
den..went back my house to bath..den when out again..
when witchery ider..
eat and drink again..so full..XD..
den went back my house again..
hmmm..nothing important le..
tats all..

opss..i forgot to say that..
hannah montana movie was great...
yesterday went to see the movie at 12.15am..
watch until 2am..XD..
went with evonne, kelly,raymond, goh and cc..
XD..super funny de..
nice movie..
the air-cond was very very very very very cold..
hmm...as i wear shorts to watch movie..
k lar..
something like tat only..
i am tired le..haven pack my things yet..
till then..XD..

Saturday, June 20, 2009

im crazy..~

okok..i noe that im crazy..
this is the third post of blog today..
another one sure in the private blogspot lar..
XD..coz nobody can read that..

just now i mention that i wan go pasar malam with gek..
about 4.30++, i went to bath..
den about 5 o'clock i went to gek's house in taman flora..
i saw his brother watering the garden..XD..
den i parked my motorbike outside her house..
much much not weird than parking inside her house..
[although her house is very big..n gek ask me to park inside..]
k lar..that is not the point..
den..i walk with her to pasar malam..
on the way to the pasar malam..
a car suddenly stop in front of us..
so scary..and i thought that that was the ppl's house beside there..
den i was WRONG..
the ppl stopped the car and asked help from us..
[sound so dramatic..~~~]
haha..the people in the car ask us to help them reload their hp credit..
why the people didn't scare that we will run away with the reload car ar??
[maybe i looked too kind le..XD..38ing..]
den i helped the people to reload lor..
after that they also went away..
XDXD...den after a while we reach pasar malam le..
i realize that dunno how many years i didn't went there adi..
XD...changes a lot..but the place is still crowded..
i bought some hair clips..XD..
den bought something to eat..
no bad ler..its nice to eat..XD..
everyone can try ya..next time i bring you all go..
XD...den didn't buy alot..
so..we walked back..
then we decided to go ching's house..
then i fetched gek with my motorbike to ching's house..
XD..when reached her house..she ask me to park in her house also..
[dunno why..and i felt puzzeled too..]
wakaka..then when her house..on9..bla bla bla..
about 7 o'clock i rushed home..
as im going to have my dinner with my aunt..
and my piano teacher..
haha..went my piano teacher's house to fetch her...
den we went to eat..damn full..(oops..sorry..XD..)
ahaha..then about 8 i went home..
helped my mum to bring in the clothes as the clothes being dried for 2 days under the moon..
XDXD..den i wanted to wash my clothes..
den I AM CRAZY..!!!
i nearly wanted to throw away those clothes..
i really dunno how to wash clothes wad..==..
i hate washing..
but then..no choice..
i phoned pshin and asked her how to wash clothes..
nearly gave up washing le..
at last dunno which button had helped me..
the washing machine helped me to dry the clothes..
den..i hang the clothes..
watched tv..
den nothing to do again..
hmm..this post is too long le..
till then..~~

dang dang dang dang..~~

i have decided to use english in this blog..
in case for those who cannot read chinese to read..
XD..(im so good..and i know that..lolsss..)

im so bored..
anyone who is free can ask me out ya..
my parents sister and grandma went to russia yesterday..
[they went to attend my eldest sis's graduation..i wan to go too..!!]
and im HOME ALONEing..!!
everything have to complete by myself..
HAIHZ..and i realize that i dont know how to use my house's washing machine..
ahaha..coz.......(i bet you all know the reason...haha..)
i also dunno wad to say le...
kinda boring...

when typing this blog..
im chatting on9 with gek..
ahaha..we're going for pasar malam later..
better than me alone staying in my house..

later..going out for my dinner with my aunt..
dunno where they will bring me to..
den..later evonne coming my house..
acc me..(ahaha..see she so good..muacks..~)
ermm..will go lateh at night..i think so..
den...come back home on9 again..
i guess so..

tats all for today..
i will keep updating this blog when im free..