Sunday, January 30, 2011

the end of january 2011

january comes and NEARLY ends and now its 31st ady..

im STILL TRYING to cut down my time on surfing internet..

i dyed my hair three times this month
had a big suprise this month =D
went out EVERY SINGLE DAY this week
didnt get sufficient sleep in this whole week
bought a lot of new clothes
ate a lot of chocolates (gaining fats)
went for manicure and pedicure
bought something i didnt buy before in this 18 years (suprise)
cleaned and decorated whole house and got messed up after 3 days

should keep updating my blog cuz after if i didnt do that i really dunno what to blog about.
and dunno what photo to post although got lots of new photo.

Monday, January 24, 2011

short update :)

wait for my next back a few days after this ya =D
enjoying myself

you're coming home

Friday, January 7, 2011


so, whats the problem with you?
what i wrote here wasn't for you wasn't for anyone just for myself
and u dont have the NEED to read this
ever since i know you,
frankly..i dont like you =D
i thought u changed for the better side but i was wrong

im sorry and i got the point ady
there's no need to explain further
i really got all the points ady
im dissapointed for the things you've said
all the things i can felt from you
u changed tremendously and i could see the difference
i knew you know what im doing by simply guessing
but u wont know what im thinking on the spot
even she was dissapointed in you too..she felt sad..
and i LOATHE you for making her sad..she was too good..
she cried and you didnt know about it

but anyway thanks. a lot. 
you made me UNDERSTAND whats FRIENDSHIPS for

im sorry that i might sound a bit harsh here
but thats me
you can hate me coz i dont care 

hey hey (dont simply think that im writing this for you huh x) 
its not u larh weyy ^___^
(if you wanna know who is it..u can ask me personally..dont simply guess huh..)

i got quite annoyed yesterday night and i vent out all my anger ady
hahaha..dont think too much ya..=D

i felt a blackout today and i thought im going to faint down
luckily someone saw and brought me out of that stuffy room
thanks ♥

and i wanna say
im really fine okay
stop worrying
enjoying my life now =D
yea i noe whatever i said you'll wont believe
but i will not weep like a little kid okay
i'm not that weak xD

Reason why i love to go out late..and come back 'EARLY'..

somehow i got the feeling of getting a question in an exam now..(>.<)..

(halfway drawing and decided to blog cuz im falling asleep ady..pc screen made me im typing about..)


I would wonder why people DO go out in afternoon when the weather is freaking hot?
im tanned enuf and im sick of it..

Everyday straight after i finished my classes,i would rush to 957 and keep telling my friend to walk faster..(fyi i drove her back home)..She will get kinda annoyed and i will keep mummbling about me melting under the hot sun..wtfff..

and i hate my sis when she keep comparing her skin's colour with my skin's colour..EVERY SINGLE time i would reply ;
"This is not fair!!!..You live in Germany which has different weather compared to Malaysia.."


you know that more cars are seen in the day compared to the night..
i hate traffic jam and i think that it's petrol consuming to the maxxxxx..
(petrol price keep rising, u noe de larhhh..957 need about rm100 to fill it full..>.<..)
and it's a waste of time..time equals $$..xD
as if im using my time to earn $$..
i prefer this than the one above..=D ↓
could reach home/destination in a shorter time..=D (you could speed abit)


aiksss..coz i dont like bumping into friends or family when i go out..
idk why, kinda weird but thats me..
xD..i like going out in a furtively manner..
i dont like anyone to know where i am and who im with..

these are my top 3 reasons why i love going out during late night and come back home in the early morning..=D

are you the same type with me? xD

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


hello peeps :)
im here to blog again..xD
feel like blogging but dunno what to write
k..what about where did i went on NYE?

went to dataran penggaram
with shin and gek

hahahaha..that night..i told my dad i wanna go out..
and he told me if im not back by 11 o'clock, he'll lock the door..
(cause i went out EVERY NIGHT for at least 2 weeks and back at every morning..)
 and guess what did i say..xD
i replied.."as you wish..xD..coz i DID bring my keys out..hahaha.."
my dad was like (=.=")..xD
and i went out just like that..hahahahaha..


with pey shin =D

bff yuka ying aka gek

we laugh and chat there..
sat on the grass and had a picnic there..xD
idk why there's a vendor selling 60s-kind-of-soft-drink..
it caught my attention and i bought it..
i bought SARSI and it doesnt have any frizz in it and i LOVE it..haha..

a little cute girl came and find us and ended up eat up our foods..

here's the proof xD
went back home at 2am that night..

went to lotsa places during the last week of twenty-ten
i went to dreamworld,mcd,hutan lipur,seven eleven,pool games,muar,shopping,cafe,hot spring,school,saloon,bp mall,pavillion,lot10,sg wang,mid valley,connaught,swimming,grandma's house
ehewww..thats a lot ady..
enuf of listing dy..
(take note..most of the time i went is in late of night..=)
i'll blog when im free about the reason why i like to go out late..and come back 'early'..=D

oh ya..btw..i started figurative drawing today..=D
its hard but i'll try my best to draw it..

k larhhh
thats enuf for today..
bye :) 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

thanks :)

thanks for staying beside me when i need someone..
thanks for the care you gave..
thanks for being so good to me..
thanks for knowing what i felt when i tell the the other way..
thanks for not ignoring me when i asked you to..
thanks for fetching me out for singing and went mcd after that..
thanks for teaching me to play that game and ended up i loved it..
thanks for fetching me out just to gaze stars.. 
thanks for helping me to prepare oligo although i snatch it to do it myself after that..
thanks for forcing me to eat cheesecake and finally love cheesecakes..
thanks for playing so much songs for me although i dont understand any one of them..
thanks for spending so much time for me..
thanks for keep tracking on my mood..
thanks for listening everything that i felt to say out..
thanks for scolding me when i speed a little bit..
thanks for not letting me to drive the car out..
thanks for keep telling me i'll will be fine..
thanks for the promises you gave and those made me so happy..
thanks for letting me know that your mum uses such a cute keychain..xD

thanks for everything you did..
thank you so much so much..

thanks,my friend
you'll be my friend forever =D