Tuesday, June 18, 2013



我买相机 我买我要的东西 是经过认真考虑的
可是我什么都不会说 因为你有你的观念

读书嘛 每个人观念不一样
有的人可以玩 也可以读到很好 因为时间安排到很好
有时候真的是要study smart 不是study hard
很多时候 对我来说 事实就是事实
可是 为什么要把事情复杂化呢

有人问过我 生活是为了什么
认真的想一想 为了爱的人
又被问 是我爱的 还是 爱我的
想了很久 还是不懂 大概是
为了爱的人生活 是因为爱的人 是我的动力
为了爱我的人 是因为 我太幸福有你们在我身边了
我想 答案应该是 两个都有吧

好啦 我要study smart了
要安排好时间 现在读书
再去玩 :)

spot dad's flower on his ear when we're in tanah lot, bali :D #happydaddysday

Friday, June 14, 2013

always. always.

idk why i always post things whenever im really busy -.-
3 mid terms in combo but still stucking myself to the laptop.
happens to me all the time. as usual.

okay. just accuse me being too free again.
i know i suppose to spend more time studying and revising.
i couldnt stop loving the bling bling on my nails. 
i did it myself btw :)

hands on too :D
i guess im really too free damn it :D

k larhhhh should really try to manage my time in a proper way.
Being a helper for Famine 30 :)

What my love bought for me and mum from Cameron Highland lol

spot the weirdness lol
as usual, my mum's doings. lol.
bear pawwwwww :P


there are things i wanted to maintain in the same way
there are matters that shouldn't be change
i don't wan the time to pass so quickly
i'm sorry cuz im not that attentive and considerate enuf
i just don't feel like putting all my attention in it
im sorry if i didn't make it the way you want it
im counting my blessing and appreciating every single thing

thank god im still alive.

i do. seriously.
like hell

ciao :D

Monday, June 3, 2013


cant find a suitable title for this post. 

it had been a practice for me to start my post with a selca photo. lol.
just to tell you guys im still living well and changing every single day.
got nothing to blog about actually.
life still goes on.
either busy hectic relaxing enjoying or just nothing
hahaha k larh. impossible to have just nothing

into obsession with braiding recently lol
not even braided own hair. braided others too -.-
waterfall braid fishtail braid french braid uneven braid
whatsoever braid larhhh

had a short road trip
k larh not that short.
super enjoyed
and for sure i'll go visit you all next time
im so in love with the cooling and clear water yarhhh :)

i came to realize that

need to maintain it with time
with heart
and need to make effort in it to make it everlasting
even we are fat or old or fat and old 

k larh 
a decent photo of them
still a weird pose of weesheng. but this laugh us off lol.

and miss them.
indescribable feeling.