Monday, January 28, 2013

once again. thanks.

once again. thanks for everyone that had been in my life or still being somebody now.
i don't know what strike to me especially in the night time.
somehow i feel like thanking everyone. every single people that concern about me.
even to random friends that doesn't really get into my life.
i'm glad you're here. reading what i posted.
seeing to what extend i'm contented with.

Random photos : 27 Jan 2013
do u look at the balloon or the antennas? 
they still lie down on the road even though it's raining heavily
they took everything seriously.

pretty cousin, jane and yeehui :)
my fav chicken stall. lol.

should continue my assignments. ciao.

Friday, January 25, 2013

middle of the night.

woke up at 2 am and still felt so glad that I'm still safe and sound. :)
ate too much of delicacies this two weeks.
i even finished some kind of big portion food at 3 am just now.
ok larh, at least i climbed up to 15 floor when the lift broke down k.
should be sleeping but then i HAVE and HAD woke up.
have to pack my things, finish off the tutorials, revise the work, start assignments, off to classes and go back to my hometown later.

assignments due-ing soon and mid-term coming soon.
aza aza hwaiting!

I'll move on! :D

Dear mummy, happy birthday!!
Rest assured I'll love you throughout my life.
Love and kisses muahh 

I'm sorry if i said anything bad, but seriously, i don't wanna fake myself in front of anyone else just to please them.
I just wanna be me :)

Someone who live better and better and glad for everyone that came in my life.

Monday, January 14, 2013


Venue : Clarke Quay Singapore 
was sorting out photos that needed
and i found thisssss
somehow i heart this :)

right people right place right feeling
my hair was long xD