Wednesday, May 30, 2012

im still alive.

ello!!! :)

it's the end of May ady
and finally i have my time sitting down updating my blog.

time had passed pretty fast and i cant even have my time to rest properly.
working, playing, lepak-ing, movie-ing, swimming, hanging out with friends had stolen all my precious time.
stop twittering too ='(

finally its my holiday time.
setting off tonight to my beach gateaway again. =)
this round its different.
with family and a lot of them will be going together.
dad booked bus, that means cousins will be tagging along too.
saw a lot of alcoholic drinks in my house standing by to be drink by my dad workers.
fyi, dad bringing his workers together with us. ok la. actually it's us insist on tagging in. xD
compamy's annual holiday
so just enjooooyyyyy!!!!

to-do-list in june

bake muffins
prepare wraps
visit singapore
shopping in kl
buy a new smartphone
earn more money
drink more xxxxxxx
rest more



Saturday, May 12, 2012



my last update was nearly a month ago
that means i was superb busy for it
at least time passed like zoooommmmmmm (fast i mean)

started working and got my pay
earn and spend using the money was good.
and i save also laaaarhhhh xD

island gateaway still carry on.
may - confirmed
june and july - still planning

stay tuned!