Thursday, April 18, 2013

Beautiful start of my semester break :)

[Random Photos Post]

One of my favourite sports :)

Finally, it's my semester break. :)

It started in a good way
and hopefully
end in a good way too

wearing saree is a BIG knowledge larh weyyy
notes with photos and my baby carrot :D
she said take half of her face only lurhhh
mango mango <3 td="">
showcase day :)
mochi sweets during exam day.
every wednesday :)
swannnn in this kind of scorching weather o.0
buzan dayyy
hot air balloonnnnn
dad did this to my house wall lollll
Genting :)
Fly on the phone lolll

Pretty awesome days and this is such a stupid post. :目


*healthy lifestyle* 
sleep early wake up early
free from alcohol
be happy :)