Tuesday, February 19, 2013

never stop smiling.

should be revising my mid term instead of posting whatever shit here.
this week suppose to be the most-emo-week cause Chinese New Year holidays just end and i had to come back kl and start everything again.
mid terms, assignments, competitions, events, everything comes together.

great Chinese New Year and i still cant get over it.

some random photos :)
night photography using sparkler :)
my name :)

timer actually failed when someone started to laugh out loud hahahaha

too much of photos ady :)

Lastly, Happy Birthday Crab Lobster Yuka Vava Jojo Ying!!!

okay. back to revision. ciao.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

因为你说 会带我去

海边 岛屿 



真的 真的很想去
我要的 海边

Thursday, February 7, 2013

new chapter.

Realized that I didn't really wrote a decent blog with words in it. Here's a long decent one. Okay larh. Everything that comes up to my mind now.

Didn't really get to mention that new semester starts. Got myself registered in 6 subjects and currently very busy with all the assignments and mid-terms (yea, still mid-term okay). Just done 2 mid-terms this week. Luckily Chinese new year is coming and I've decided to skip the class for one whole week. Mum suggested it anyway. Hahaha. Totally in cny-mode and super excited probably just because i finished 2 mid-terms.

Everyday passes in super fast mode. Didn't get to rest enough and schedules/meet-ups and pilling and pilling up. Its a good news anyway. :)

Busying settling new place's stuffs and things. You know lahh, moving place really need a lot of energy and time-consuming. Travelling here and there and spend time with housemates, busy chatting and sharing gossips are so awesome.

Had a short farm trip last weekend to celebrate Mui's birthday. Hugged and fed the baby goat, fed the ostrich and i found out im getting more interested on animals. At least i try everything compared to last time that would only be screaming around.
Girls :)
Told myself not to touch or think about Starbucks but ended up i drank 2 cups this month (it's only 7th) and got the starbucks's card and i know it will be coming in continuously. Bye money. Lol.
Life's pretty (very) hectic and i force myself now (3am) for typing this post for future in case i miss anything important.
Ate lotsa nice foods and grown fatter ady. Have to control but cant even find any spare time for swimming or gym.
 So hungry looking at these photossss. I guess 2 photos would be enough to see how much i eat nowadays.
Don't have much spare time but still wish to pack every precious moment together.
Sorry for letting 7 of you guys waiting for me alone. Felt so bad about it. And thanks.
I dont remember what time or how long we spend together but i remember MOMENTS. Precious moments. Seriously, i had a good time and really happy about it.
one of the photos ;)
I met peoples whom i don't like, but i smiled back because i wanted to let them know im living off better than they're. I wont care how or whats going on, as long as I'm happy. And I'm glad I'm now.

going to shop tomorrow. last shopping spree for cny. classes ended on Friday and going back to hometown.
need to pack lotssss of stuffs, rush back and have to bake cupcakes. Attend birthday party. Sleep and spend time with family and friends.

Gonna miss this moment!
should be sleeping now.
nights xoxo