Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I've reached.

first snow in Marienplatz, Munich
first meal in La Pizzelta

this would be a nice memorable thing happen in my 19.

everything, every place, everyone is huge
when i was travelling on the plane alone, everyone looked at me as why a little kid travelling alone and bring such a lot of luggage.
stop discrimination. so what im from Malaysia?
i proud of teh tarik and maggi goreng ayam.

whatsapp currently not available
something wrong with the internet
just leave a message on my wall
no one could see it
cuz i turn on the setting ady =)

miss me

Monday, December 12, 2011

i suppose i should post something.

christmas reaching soon and decorations are everywhere.
outing with BFFs were superb, fun and enjoying.
laughter were everywhere.

after my exams, i'll upload all the due photos up for sure.
i've been promising everyone that i would upload all the photos as all of them are in my hand.

hmmm lastly,
to whom that will contact me via viber, whatsapp, tango, line, whatever etc,
contact 6121 instead of 6621 k
the rest number would be the same.
you'll know the reasons after a week.
if nothing urgent just place a message at fb if you're finding me.
dont contact via phone if you dont wanna pay much for it. *please remember*


Friday, December 2, 2011

Aloha December =D

i promised to blog on wednesday. and here i come. on friday.
i went out for movies and shopping these two days.
Christmas is coming and decorations are everywhere.
guess what i spot?
can someone tell me what is this?
an angel? a snowman? a bee?

due to my major papers were over, and the next paper is still far far far away,
i've bought movie tickets for the movie "You Are The Apple In My Eye".
watching tonight =)
must be great but what i hate was Malaysia always cut the scenes and audiences usually ended up watching a not-complete-movie. 
i wanna buy the book although i've finished reading it ady.
but i wanna have a copy of it. but i've went to 3 branches of Popular.
they've run out of stock. #damn
what to do? wait. patiently. lol.
Support Originals thank you =)

k larh. enough of crapping.
im going to get ready for my movie now =)