Monday, November 18, 2013

Be thankful.

Did I mention that I've dyed back my hair back to normal?
no more dip dyed.
Last Friday when I went out with AhJo, i realized that I've got no photos of mine online after dying my hair.
Didn't really took much photos after dying my hair.
But still have to some up here in case you forgot how I looked like. haha
Here's one took on last Saturday in a themed cafe :)

I've wanted to write something here every two or three days
but then there're always things cropping up and i got no time for writing all these stuffs.

After my final exams, I thought I'll be having a 2 months long holiday.
(Btw, I skipped the internship)
But things changed faster than the plans.
Straight after the weekend of my finals, I started my Deutschkurs.
An intensive one.
That's learning a new language at the age of 21.
I know German is a tough language but I'll try my best to master it.
Sentence construct is hard and it doesn't make sense at all. 
Pronunciation is even absurd.
The word looks like that but pronounce in a different sound.
Overall, the class is very very enjoying :) 
A sneak peek at my 'hausaufgaben' = homework
Get to knew friends from different backgrounds and their stories are always that amazing.
We share stories every Mon to Fri before class and during the break.
The class in always full of laughter unlike those lectures in uni.
I guess I will miss this class badly after this course.

I've once again learned how to appreciate life.
I saw how her family member cried.
A 16 years old girl died because her house maid went berserk and stabbed her twice.
She died on the spot.
Life is so fragile.
Frau Charles said to us, remind us that we have to be thankful.
Thank God we're still living on.
We can't be sure that we'll still be on this earth tomorrow.
Love the ones beside you.
And be brave to love and express it out.