Sunday, September 26, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

second post of Digi iPhone 4 Me 's contest =D
will be typing a real short post


sosoCamera is a Multishot App.
Compared to iPhone’s original App of taking photographs, it has two new functions: Multishot and photo filter.
(press this for more information) ↓

with sosoCamera, you wont need to waste your time editing every photos you took..
and the effects were simply awesome and awesome and awesome..

for iPhone user : buy the app and use it..try it yourself if you love photography..=D
to nuffnang and digi : u know what im thinking rite? i want it ^__^..

let miracles happen =D

Friday, September 24, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

when i first saw the post of Digi iPhone 4 Me thru nuffnang
i decided to blog about it no matter what..=D
*claps for me*so brave*
=D..the main point of this post is to fulfill the requirement of the contest to WIN an apple iPhone 4..
can you imagine to take away a free iphone 4 from DIGI?

I'm not going to write an essay out about the reasons why i want an digi iPhone
coz i would be too boring =P
okay den..

i'll list out..
i wanna list out more than hundreds =D
(jkjk..u'll faint before finish reading 100s of the reasons)
okay..i'll settle for 3 reasons..
1) iPhone 4 is 5 megapixels
(higher than iPhone 3G and 3GS)
i love shooting and the application in iPhone was simply awesome..
i'll post something to prove it..(without editing)..
My friend who owns an iPhone 4 took it for me..and i LOVE it..
I like the lomo effect inside the phone..and i know that not every phone had this..=D
and beside than lomo effect..iPhone's application also had other effects..

2) I'm an Apple user and Digi user
I'm a digi user since im 11 years old and im eighteen now..
apple user since few years ago..i own an apple ipod..=D
apple products's design is elegant and beautiful and suitable for teens nowadays..
btw, i love apple's touchscreen too..very sensitive..and wont lag like other brands of handphone..=D
My current phone is getting crazier and crazier..its time to change a new one..
and I'm sure that no one can tolerate my current phone..
so..i need Digi iPhone..=D

maybe you wont think that these reasons are important..
but to me..
these are the top 3 reasons that i wan to win this contest..
(kinda impossible but let miracles happen) 

*gonna have 3 more posts for the next few days =D

let miracles happen =D

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


讓她們覺得很有安全感 很幸福








說一些騗她們的話 就算她們知道你在騙人

其實 女生要的也沒有那麽簡單 不是嗎?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

40 Question For Me =D

1.How big is your bed?
    Not really big..enuf for me..super single..xD
2.What are you listening to right now?
   Zui Hao De Wo-Fang Chu Ming & Kong Zhi Yi
3.What are the last 4 digits in your cellphone number?
    6121<-- gonna buy 4D?
4.What was the last thing you ate?
   Bread from Muar..
5.Last person you hugged?
   Woahh..hug ar? cant remember ady..its been a long time ago..haha..
6.How is the weather right now?
   Cool and nice night..
7.Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? darling..=.=..
8.What is the first thing u notice in the opposite sex?
   Can i just skip this question? eyes perhaps?
9.Do you want children?
   Crap..of the future..
10.Ever get so drunk you don't remember the entire night?
    Of coz such a good and obedient girl..but i do like drink alcoholic drinks..
11.Hair color?
    Obviously..its brown..
12.Eye colour?
    Black i think..maybe plus a little little bit of brown..
13.Favorite holiday?
    Beach holidays with family..
14.Have you ever cried over a girl/boy?
15.Last Movie you watched?
    Grown Ups <---nice movie btw..=D
    Yeap..ear piercing..3 on the left and 2 on the right..
17.What were you doing before filling this out?
    Chatting with my sis using msn video call..<--chat alot..
18.Any pets?
   N O P E..i scare..hahaha..=D (excluding dogs and idk why..)
19.Dogs or cats?
    Dogs are cuter..^___^..
20.Favorite Flower?
    Of coz tulips..sometimes roses..
21.Have you ever loved someone?
    Yeah..past present and future..always..
22.Have you ever fired a gun?
    Waterguns, yes..=D
23.Do you like to travel by plane?
    Not really..coz normally i'll get bored in the plane..
24.Right-handed or Left-handed?
    Right-handed..but i like left-handed..confusing enuf..
25.Are you missing someone?
    Yes..especially on 3.03am in the morning..=.=..
26.Do you have a tattoo?
    Gonna have it if i dare..
27.Do you still watch cartoons on Saturday mornings?
    Nope..normally i doesnt have saturday mornings cause sleep until evening..=D
28.Are you 18?
    18 and 1 week and 3 days..
29.What is the wallpaper on your cellphone?
    Suprisingly.. nothing..=D
30.Did you get enough sleep last night?
    Nope..few hours only..hate it..
31.What makes you unique?
    Being the only me in the world..=D
32.Are you afraid of the dark?
    Sometimes..and Mostly..hahaha..
33.3 things you can't live without.
    Oxygen, food and $$ i guess..
34.What are you afraid of?
35.The colour of your bedsheet?
36.Are you a giver or taker?
    Depends..for $$ of coz taker..hahaha..
37.What do you think about before you go to bed?
    Press my phone and see every photo in weird..i noe..hahaha..
38.Stuck on a deserted island & could take one thing?
    I dunno..cant i take more?
39.First thing you'll save in a fire? family =D
40.If you could go to any place right now where would you go?

cut my hair again..=D
before and after =D see the length..
will update soon..coz i got lotsa crap wanna vent out..
going to sleep now..cause it 3.28am now..xD

Friday, September 17, 2010

mumbling about cigarettes =S

feeling the urge to blog but then got no ideas what to blog about.. about google something and crap about it?
(thats typically what i did when im free..)
(and google everything according to kah ling)

and i google about CIGARETTE..
and i dunno why..
(wth i hate this thing and i actually google it..)

i think that this person will die 10 years earlier than everyone of us..

i've live for 18 years but till now i still dunno why peoples love to smoke..
cigarettes are expensive and doesnt worth it..
(if every smokers smoke a pack less everyday..and give me the $ which they actually wanted to buy cigarette..i'll be the richest 18 years old teenage in the world..)

they causes a lot of diseases to smokers and will increase the wrinkles in their face wad..
(my bio lecture told me that girls DONT EVER TRY TO SMOKE..)
and the goverment keep telling everyone that smoking is bad but why they still import cigarettes and sell it to malaysians?

the most part i hate about smoking is the smell and the smoke..
this is what happen if i detect the smoke..↓
(use the word "detect" because im super sensitive)

and i HATE when people smokes around me..
i dont care who they are..and i'll give bad attitude to them.. smoking please..=D

end of the smoking crap here..

found this somewhere in my laptop..=.=..

by the way..i signed up nuffnang ady..=D
so..ehheemmm..feel free to keep visiting my blog ya..
and click on the ads beside..
ahahaha..thanks a lot..

end here =D
and actually i dunno what i had blogged about in this whole post

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

legally EIGHTEEN ♥

what should i blog about this title?
or should i just quit?
okay..things go on like this..
for the past 6 days..yeahh..xD..hahahaha..

of course i went out..
for dinner and movies..
(skip skip skip)

i went to the so-called malacca..with miss jolyn tan..
our aim: to shopping and take photos

and i was so so so insist to wear a white dress although my mummy keep told me that it will be so troublesome travelling around with a white dress..
but i dont care and i INSIST to wear it..
(fyi, i cant resist any white dress..they look heavenly to me..=)
and the results of the photo were..

i love the sky =D
damn damn damn pretty

 and this was one of the photo/photos i love..
jo took it within 10 seconds..
as u can see..i've run out of patterns..=D

and..the weather was damn damn damn hot..
(if u enlarge the photo..u'll find me eating durian-flavoured ice-cream..)

but then something happen (long story so i skipped it..) and the ice-cream man uncle treated me to eat my favourite chocolate-flavoured ice-cream..
ended up..i cant finish all the ice-cream..
but thanks alot to that uncle..
[idk why..but im happy with that]

and i INSIST again to ↓
tadaaaa..take photos with ice-cream man uncle..=D

went alot of places and took alot of photos..
and impossible to upload everything..=D

but den i'll try to upload a little by little to this album.. ↓

overall..i enjoyed..^__^..

thanks for dad for the full-length mirror..
[i consider that was my birthday made wont believe that cause it looks like my dad bought it or smth else..]
thanks mum for buying me xxxxxxxxx..
thanks sis and grandma for the $$..
thanks for the present from him..
thanks for the camera and ball i received from my kl friend..
[i know its a weird combination..]
 and thanks for all the presents, wishes and msgs =D

and lastly..
congrats to erjie..
u made it..=D
efforts are not wasted..

the end

Friday, September 10, 2010

ermmm..wait ar..

gonna have lotsa lotsa word and photos in the next post..
stay tuned

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


真的還蠻認真的不想過生日 不知道什麽鬼感覺 所以 不慶祝是最好的 真的 就也沒有意義 應該 覺得是

因爲不是你 所以你沒有感覺 不會痛 反而可能會覺得開心呢

是照樣 所以有沒有我 都沒有差 不是嗎 就是這樣

剩下的都是敷衍的 很明顯 還是看的出 我還沒有笨到那種程度

之前付出過的真心用心時間金錢 都被忘記了 就因爲時間久了

可能覺得無所謂 有就有 沒有就沒有 因爲沒有經歷過 還不會珍惜

走 沒空 玩 有事 都是藉口吧 對吧 因爲人是很奇怪的

因爲不值得 所以不會為了覺得不值得的事而作一件事

我們之間的誤會太深了 但 又能怎樣

我想去走走 才不會越想越遠

可能會在背後被講 可是 請想想 在你講別人之前 你也會被講的 真的

會跟你講壞話的人 也會在別人面前說你的懷話

這種人 我看不起 爲什麽就不能真心的對別人呢?


如果可以找到這種人 我寧願少活幾年  因爲我覺得值得

結果 我不知道我在亂打什麽

就是這樣 好好想想吧

tomorrow will be the 18th months since we've been together..=)

Monday, September 6, 2010

title? dunno lerhh..

dunno what to blog about..
just lotsa photos..
dajie came back to bp..
and we went back to muar..
grandma is recovering fast =)
happy for everyone..
 brought this book to read..
i like it so much =)
P/S: im more taller than 150cm..
and i love anything from this author xD 
took it when im bored..
my grandma's wheelchair..
dunno why i took it also..=)

went to eat alot of delicious food..
zuper nice satay
 wantan mee
 one of the favourite food of dad's
[eheww..i dont dare to eat PORK..=.=..]  
saw this on my way back..
quickly took camera out and capture it..
my dad said im a crazy person that took everything i saw..
perhaps i enjoy looking at something that is abnormal..=)
and im proud of it..

another thing..
i saw this in my grandma's house
8 of september..
for carlyn lem, ivy and emily ng..=)
9 of september
thats an auspicious day..^_____^..
for weeting, jiahao, akmal,and miss melisa..
10 of september
for shirley tee and faye =)

just to emphasis that 9 of september is an auspicious day..

dajie with the car..

spot my daddy and mummy..
the one eating and the one wearing red..hahaha..

dajie again..=)

mostly photos in the post..
dont blame me ar..
thats all for today..
enjoy =)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1st of Sept ♥

1st of
time passes like woahhh..too fast for me..
got a few things i'll like to blog about..
starting with..
yesterday,i saw some design on cupcakes that were sooooooo cute..
decided to post it up here..
so enjoy.. 

 cutest among all..^___^..


muahahaha..they are cuteeeee..
anyone wanna buy for me? xD

narhxx..enough of cupcake design and we'll move to another things..
messy table..
as you can twitter-ing .. larhh..
actually i wanted to say..that..
i bought a lot of stationary..=)
 fyi, im changing back my drawing to draw butterfly..
hahahaha..and the bear inside the photo is my big mirror..

oh ya.. see what happen to my hair colour under the sunshine..
looks scary..reddish and orangish..=.=..

for 2 weeks =)

dajie is coming back..=)

AS trial exam is on the second week of sept..
AS exam is on mid-month of October..

thats all..=)

會 長 大 的 幸 福

Tank - 會 長 大 的 幸 福
在夜市裡逛地攤 送你一副耳環
你很喜歡 一整晚笑聲不斷
陪你看電影哭完 心裡想愛好難

你說浪漫 和貧富無關
在捷運車站 不在乎圍觀


要你有幸福 一天一天比一天像公主

為你 生日的夜晚
你真可愛 很捧場吃兩碗飯
努力加班 你心疼的淚打顫

你說浪漫 和貧富無關
在捷運車站 不在乎圍觀


我們唱著歌 歡呼