Saturday, August 9, 2014

Stumbling into old photos. #1

Because it's sis birthday today. 
I tried to dig out some of my photos with her.
And this lead to the random stumbling into some of my old photos.
Let's #throwback!!
Abendessen im Hofbräuhaus
Dinner in Hofbräuhaus

This was took on my second visit to Munich :)
Started the day travelling from Nuremberg to Munich.
First destination is Nymphenburg Palace.
Went there just to walk around like what normal Germans would do in the spare time
Spazieren gehen. (to take a stroll)
Basically, i slept on the car and got woke up by Herri and tadaaaa.
We reached this place which i dont really know where's the exact location.
(Passengers always dont know the way/roads hehe)
There are lots of beautiful swans and mandarin ducks.
Mandarin ducks are always in pairs awhhhh so sweet
Walked around and enjoyed the scenery.
See the sun rays. Thats what everyone love in winter :DD

So stunning right?

After that we visited some churches, the city and we headed for dinner.
It's at Hofbrauhaus am Platzl, opposite hard rock cafe.

While waiting for the food, I explored the restaurant. Hahaha.
It's really big and pretty :)))))

And the interior design is so specialll.
What we ordered :DDD
spot the famous pork knuckle inside the photo hahaaha

my favourite pretzalllll <3 td="">

There's this group of people who perform music for the customers.
Mainly classical music i think. Not really sure of that.


If you're a football fan den you will know what this means.
*Smiling evilly* 

Need to study now.

P/s: Erjie, alles Gute zum Geburtstag!!