Monday, April 14, 2014

Here we gooooo

It's been the same routine.
A couple days before my finals and i'll have the urge to blog.
More to ranting cause i've been killing too much of my brain cells xD

Always thanks to Mr. Thomas who never gave up in teaching me in so many semesters despite I'm totally a XXXXXX in front of him. Ok lah, I can treat you makan whatever you feel like to. Cause I'm really in-debt to you. What if you really accidentally read this, just keep quite and don't mention it in front of me ok? Just ask a big meal or Starbucks from me. Privilege only to you. *feeling meh*

There's so much things i wanna try in this coming sem break. Better note it down before i forgot any one of them.
1) Bake super yummy cheesecake and tiramisu-flavoured ones
2) Use dreamweaver or Kompozer to design this webpage (i know how to link to insta, twitter and fb dy)
3) Finish all Running Man series and watch “来自星星的你” (everyone seems fell in this drama)
4) Catch up and be super good in German classes :)
5) Spend my book voucher in buying a Langenscheidt Wörterbuch and the rest on stationary.
Did i mention that i got only around 10 days of break? including 4 days of classes LOL

my apple iphone was sent back to service center.
they said they need 7-14 days to check on it.
will have one to one replace if anything in it goes wrong.
I'M DYING!! ok larh not that exaggerate but seriously, i dont know i manage to sleep without phone these few days. :(

waipo, i will miss you banyak banyak de :(


外公等了17年 等到你了