Sunday, November 27, 2011

a post to activate back.

okay larh. actually dunno what to start with after stop posting stuffs here for such a long time.
i've been busy studying, filling up my time with books and past year questions.
and used up the spare time for sleeping
sometimes i'll check mails, replying twitter or fb-ing. 

three papers had declared over and 5 coming next. 

its been quite some times since i ever take out my baby to capture moments.
its okay. im going to spend my next 9 months playing with it.
sunflowers growing everywhere.
Anyone who wish to plant sunflowers, get the plants from me. Foc. =)
i still cant figure out why a 105mm lens could capture such a small insect.  seriously, anybody noes the reason?
hehehe. nothing else to write now.
i'll start sharing things after next wednesday!
wait for me =)

except for the biatch ^____^

Saturday, November 5, 2011


只有我了解 这幸福感觉 
能够 遇见你 认识你 喜欢你 爱上你 
只有你明白 我有多珍贵 
请你继续温柔 交换我 灿烂笑容 
一天一天 到永远那一天 

我们不要辜负这幸福 一定要更加幸福 
如果爱 真的是 那么的少