Friday, May 23, 2014




我早上6点起来出门 你懂吗
我早上7点就到大学 你懂吗
我傍晚六点半下课赶去上另外一边的课塞车塞两个小时 你又懂吗

你不懂 你就闭嘴

我忙我的事情 忙得没吃早餐午餐晚餐 你又懂吗
我不是超人 我不会飞    我不会分身
你不了解我的情况 你就拜托闭嘴什么都不要说可以吗

我一直很想 要有规律的生活
几点起身都好 一定要有一定的时间睡觉
可是 很多东西根本就是计划不到的
变化 真可怕

好啦 人类更可怕

只要我有上晚上的课 我都有东西吃
谢谢你 :)

还有谢谢那些每天听我唠叨却不断的给我力量的人类们 :)
那些我有事 一定会帮我的你们 :)

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Blame on hormones.

been so frustrated and dont know what's happening.
been hating so much but dont know what im hating about.
feeling so weird that cant be explained.
so mad at myself but dont know what's the mad stuffs about.

sorry to those i've threw tantrums and tempers to.
blame on hormones ok?
i didnt mean to. i cant control myself well

i'll be fine after this.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Atmosphere.

Yesterday was Wesak Day.
All the plan fails when i don't feel like going out and spend extra money for activities i normally do.
i mean everything blooms up to at least 50% extra including cinemas, snookering, bowling sessions and k-sessions.
(im such a cheapo)

Den he suggested to go The Atmosphere.

Outfit of the day 

Photographer of the day 

This place is full of murals and it's consider half-indoor to me larh.
You will understand the meaning of half-indoor if you went.

Seriously i think im a better photographer. :D

Half of the mural lol

BANG BANG BANG kill the tetris lol

There're around 80 murals and im tired in posting each of them ady.
Go visit yourself if u want to see it haha

Here's the facebook page. There are so much of funny photos by others lol.

Ok i got to eat salted egg sotong for dinner and im overjoyed from it.

*To the one in UK, i was shocked to know that you've been reading this.
Kudos and meet in August :D

Monday, May 5, 2014

Super gateaway :)

had a super gateaway


now it's time to strive again for studies :D