Friday, July 29, 2011


laptop is dead and im as well as being a dead corpse walking around
spent my every-day-lives drawing, doing hw, revising and sleeping

study table filled up with to-do-list, to-buy-list, to-etc-list
busy like bee again
friends going out and im being a good girl staying at home

anyway shopped a lot this week
bought new clothes and new shoes and new wallet :)
laptop went crazy so i couldnt upload any new photos

will update soon when my laptop is normal again

Saturday, July 23, 2011

happy birthday jassie teo

with her bmw cake xD

random photo

happy birthday to my eldest sis and her wish was lol lol LOL
and her next car would be BMW lol lol LOL

im going out for movie now

Friday, July 22, 2011

lol zuper short update

feel like updating my blog
although im really tired
i sleep for 2 hours max per day
and im still rushing to finish the colouring part
can someone please lend me the time machine?


dajie coming back today
im going to sleep now

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


大家 趕畫趕到發神經

冰箱裏 培俊的100Plus跟靜儀的紅豆蛋糕
果然 餓的時候 什麽鬼東西都是好吃的

大家好相親相愛 好啦 大愛
雖然魔術先生一直洗刷刷 有點小奇怪

但 有種說不出的開心
可是 還是很順利的一起唱掉了很多很好聽的歌




Monday, July 18, 2011


lol. one week passed like *zoooommm* and its been a week since i updated this blog.

last sunday night, went Pelangi for supper and meet them for chatting 
meet up with Cola and Xiaozhen as well

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri
exam week and as usual time will pass like rocket
weekends passed even more faster

Thursday night
busy sealing and signing this lol thing

Friday night
busy cutting folding drawing colour-ing stapler-ing

peel, wash, dry, cut, marinate and deep fried lots of potato
okay larh. you can say im playing with all the potato lol
and fried the ice-cream using the bread to cover up the ice cream↓
mini sized fried ice-cream

im selling french fries as well 
love my hair that day xD

we planned to wear the same
and came up with this stupid and idiotic pose
HAHAHA. its okay. cuz i know next time when i see this photo
i'll surely laugh out loudly 

hahahaha i dont have waist xD 

played with the roses they bought

had bbq too 
10 people together :)
see jiayee's hand stealing food to eat

some of us.
waiting patiently for the food being bbq
and they said the smoke had made this photo smokeyyy xD

didnt really sleep this few days
been really too busy
and i need some sleep :)
woke up at 2pm today
went for some kind of celebration
about 30 or 40 people attended if im not wrong
hate the photography who doesnt know how to focus >.<
slideshows and videos being played after everyone finish eating
crazy jie yun and chiuyit xD
lol thats me xD
ah mui's photo xD
ahgek's photo xD

random photos ahead :)
sandwiches :)
i dont know what it is and i didnt eat it at all :)
nicole hyin jezlyn leona :)
sleepy sam and chie hang :)
leona and andrew :)

lol siao ppl

hahahaha. k larh.
until here den
im going to clean my room and prepare for sleeping time ady
nites :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011


came back from the camp yesterday and slept for 17 hours
(back-pain, headache, bruises, insects-bites, and scratches back home too)

everything was fun and awesome in the camp
although my team didnt win in every category
but at least we had fun from it

we sang, we danced, we walked, we crawled, we chatted, we laughed, we ate, we drank, we cooked, we played games, we climbed trees, we carried each other in order to finished the task, we participated in night walks, we went into the jungle in the middle of the night together, we walked beside the main road at 2am, we went into the mud together, we bathed together, we slept together, and everything and everything together.

stole this photo from facebook
that was one of the pose in the dance
we suppose to shake our butts and HAHAHAHA
think of the rest yourself
(oh yes, we all tied our hair into two. EVERYONE.)

thats the photo of us after coming up from a muddy drain
we were covered with mud and that was disgusting and yet it was fun
the camp is situated in a kampung as you can see lots of coconut trees in the photo.

okay, i admitted that i opened someone's facebook in order to view the photos that had been uploaded.
but that was only for a short time only k
i didnt waste my time refreshing and reloading facebook.
stop facebook-ing for ME only
(im already putting in efforts for not activating back my fb and chatting online or msg-ing thru fb)
so *claps* for me
im going to start drawing for my assignments ady
bye :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

MIA in progress

thanks for the photographer for the photos =)

i quited facebook ady
for the sake of my exams and projects
miss me like hell
and contact me thru phone k
i'll be back for facebook after my exams end.
*hopefully i wont try to fb*

i'll still online and msn sometimes
and update my blog
tune on
at least once a week

camping week and busy like bee
(assignments sucks)
looking forward for the camp
and i know i'll be havin lotsa fun

i wanna say
aza aza hwaiting!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

2 July 2011

went for marathon this morning
hahaha. i dunno why i end up with the photo. xD
spot my hand with 3 banglessss :)

this was kinda lame and we changed the pose to ROCKER! xD
hahaha. hate ChiuYit's head inside this photo. xD

after the marathon, we went to mcd :)
don't belittle this sauce.
its a mixture of sprite, coffee, salt, pepper, porridge, chili sauce, tomato sauce, veggie and anything you can find in mcd.

ate this fcking digusting thing when someone lose in the game we had played.
and everyone feels like vomiting when we finished the game.
but, overall, it was a fun and enjoyable game. xD

after mcd, we went to a SECRET PLACE.

and after that, they went crazy (as shown in ↓)
aiksss. what else can i say about them?

they are so into ' 仆街 '

and this was awesome too. xDDDD

this friend went crazy too

hahaha. after that we went to eat again.
the 6 of us went back to my house cuz muimui wanted to borrow 'something' from me
we continue playing with computer, piano and lots more.
took lots of photos too.
carried out photoshooting. ahahahaha.
hehehe. cuz muimui changed into something diff and we need to capture that moment.
aikss. dont really know how to explain cuz the photos cant be upload here.
it can only remain personal. haha.
yuka muimui and jiayee
anyway, i really had fun the whole day and im going out now.