Friday, September 30, 2011

trials were FINALLY declared over.

in these three weeks, i had lost like zillions of brain cells and it had been torturing.
not enough of sleep and even if you have revised the subject, the moment u lie on the bed, you still cant feel any ease.
even when u sleep in afternoon, u wake up at 8pm.
you'll see the time wrongly and thought it was 8am and you're going to be super late for your coming paper.
got sick for the last two paper too. damn dizzy and felt like fainting all the time.
wtf. finally its over.
have to prepare for the finals ady.
cant wait for it to finish and HOLIDAYS are coming!

anyway, you know u should relax when you've finish some major task right. xD

lets start with some photos i took recently and which i love so much =)
without any editing  except for the words
this photo was randomly took on a random morning to mcd.
the loves inside the photo was cause by the light of the lightpost on the raindrops on the windscreen of the car
a little bit complicated but overall i still love the photo very much.
seems like love bokeh (blurring) effect xD

s k y  =)
random evening with my mum on the car.
just finishing our dinner and on our way back home xD

29 September 2011
♥ me 
random of sampat-ness
with miss.jiayee
asked her for k session after trials =)
sang 3 hours until sore throat hahaha
yukaaa went too =))))
yuka vava jojo ying =)
shengsiawee also tagged along. anyway this photo looked super weird
but no choice cuz i didnt took any photo with him
went to buy Chatime after that =P
BFF yuka vava jojo ying ♥
love the effect of this photo. phone's camera random it itself. xD

after that went home and sleep for the rest of the day.
woke up naturally today and going out now.


Monday, September 26, 2011


看到自己的作品 好多 好厚 好有成就感

把這份東西拿去複印成一本書 更有成就感
花 它是花 =)
轄搞 哈哈哈
每格大概2mm 用紙一點點念上去的 真的是一點點的那種
不懂爲什麽現在那麽不想把它交上去 作了那麽久的東西
難免有點感情在裏面的 ='(

Sunday, September 18, 2011

幸福 是..

幸福是 忙碌中偷閑

是 很忙很忙的時候 還可以一起去游泳

是 很忙很忙的時候還可以去提燈籠

是 很忙很忙的時候 還可以半夜出門去玩跳跳跳

是 很忙很忙的時候 還可以一直跑去拍照

是 很忙很忙的時候 還可以辦party喝酒bbq

是 很忙很忙的時候 還可以腳受傷有人關心
一直以爲只是純脆拉到 結果 哈哈哈哈

一直很忙的這樣也可以考完4張paper 2個subject
就這樣一直很忙 也可以很開心 真的很棒
好啦 我又要去忙了

Monday, September 12, 2011

random up-up-updatess

now #eatingkokokrunch
0.44am-12Sept 2011

my mum scared i'll grow thinner and therefore these junk foods were bought. =)
canvas made me berserk =.=
acrylic = best friend of canvas. wtf
went for this celebration with my neighbour lol.
spilled the paint all over and used the whole roll of toilet paper to clean it. damn.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


there's nothing else i can say other than

you all really suprised me
you all managed to made me touched until tears keep flowing down
im glad to have you all in my life


thanks to my dearest mum who born me 19 years ago
and she said i should thank her because she raised me up this 19 years.

(thanks for all the wishes, messages and calls)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

granny's birthday =)

granny aka ah mah just got back from beijing and we organised a little party for her
beloved granny =)
i bought a cake from secret recipe =)
ah mah blowing candles
meet new member - chocolate
little precious =)
due to some reasons, group photos are not allowed to post up
erjie, i'll send u the photo privately. i know u miss us badly. hahahaha.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

新年再見 =)

回去后 要努力讀書噢


Sunday, September 4, 2011

忙裏偷閒就是最開心的 =)

功課 讀書 彩色



這樣 忙 的生活 也 不錯 =)
跟朋友跑到野外去拍照 還不錯
扯聆棒 and 佳儀
38琪 &俊榮
被拍 還不錯
我就那麽愛拍 你能怎樣?
亂拍 也不錯

就無聊 也不錯
baby + 老婆 都有入境哦 哈哈哈
忙裏偷閒就是最開心的 =)

Friday, September 2, 2011

went Cameron Highland on Monday
Ipoh on Tuesday
Kampar, Bidor, Tanjung Tualang and Batu Gajah on Wednesday

Cameron Highland's photos
was eating something hahaha
tadaaaa. it was sweet potato. =)
sweet potato =)
it was 19 degree celsius that day and hot pipping sweet potato was the nicest food i could ever taste.
cuz the weather was cold.

strawberries xD
marmie was buying some fresh oranges lol
my forever beautiful mum =)
me with mum in boh tea plantation
blue roses =)
red roses =)
cactus =)
me and daddie =)

Ipoh's photos
Ipoh railway station with dajie =)
J U D I T H =)
hot and sunny day =(
on the way to tanjung tualang =)
went to tanjung tualang for seafood

headache now, so decided to delay this post. =)
will repost when im better