Friday, December 31, 2010

bubbye 2010

chill down guysss..
im okay and fine and it's not what like you think =D

this is my 200th post
and last post in 2010

busiest holidays i ever had


me and my beloved mummy..
both of us looked chubby and fat..
but its alright rite? xD

2011 to-do-list
study smart and finish my tough exam
no more hard feelings and jealously
love my family even more and more
treasure those who are beside me and those who care about me
save more money for shopping x)
spend more time with my books and notes
finish all my projects in time
buy a new dslr
spend lesser time on fb and internet..(>.<)..
reach home everynight before 1 am at the most..

im here to wish everyone..

and i wonder is there anyplace for me to countdown tonight? xD
the answer is yes..there's a place but i wont tell you..

Saturday, December 18, 2010

im late =P

im late but better than didnt post anything right? xD
(there..u are still reading this post

its saturday again..
and im actually very busy on saturdays..=(
tuition classes..piano classes..and pratice sessions..outings..
bla bla blah etc..
photos of Doris
isnt she cute and adorable?
(zoom in to take a closer look =)
thats doris's fav teddy bear inside the photo..

photos of BB
 hahahaha..BB..he and his facial expression..
cuteeeee to the max

last sunday went to bp mall..
sat in old town and start eating and camwhore..=S
 chatted a long and took quite a number of photos there..

this was my fav photo of the day =D
with yuka =D

and i realised that i went to bp mall every weekend (EVERY saturday and sunday)
for half a month =S
(thats 4 times actually)

and..last night i had a stupid dream..
that scared me again..=.=..
anyone has any method to stop dreaming EVERYnight?


Thursday, December 16, 2010

957 ♥

JFW 957
JHB 957
JMQ 957
p/s : dont beat me for such a short update..
will update tomorrow night =D

Friday, December 10, 2010


finally..i cut my hair short..
and i didnt regret a thing at all..
cuz short hair is easier to dry it..
(lame excuse)

actually..idk what to update about..
but..obviously..its getting dusty here..>.<..

1) video call-ed with jolynn ♥ 
she was a bit nervous and keep on praticing her presentation thru webcam..=D
shoo cute rite..xD

2) am going to malacca again..
and realize that i went to malacca every month..=D

3) doris is getting cuter everyday..=D
doris and elise (right side)

4) am going out to gai gai this saturday night..

5) watched 
bruce lee..(not baddd =)
rapunzel..(zuper niceeee =)
narnia 3D (bery niceee tooo..)

thats all i wanna say..

Friday, December 3, 2010

she twisted her words and i twisted my leg

idk why i started this post with this title..

starting with;

scene 1 : Early morning (the moment i wanna leave house)
she told me that she wanted to buy a car..
and i was like okay whatever cuz it's not my $$..

scene 2 : Late afternoon (when im back home)
she with her evil smile told me she bought a car..
i was like =.= and told her she bought a car as she is buying a toy car..

scene 3 : Dinner time (dad is not around)
again she told me she bought a car (i know she is happy and keep telling me that..)
i replied yea yea yea..u bought a car..i noe..(getiing annoyed)

before scene 4 
she asked me not to tell dad she bought a car..
and asked me like put on a show for dad to see..
a show that she haven bought a car yet..

scene 4 : dinner time (with dad around)
*putting a show on*
i : ehhhehhh, when are u going to buy a car huh?
she: u thought buying a car as buying a toy car merhh..??
i was like =.= x 821436327468560219384 times when she said this..

hey..she twisted her words on the spot and i scolded her softly ON THE SPOT too..

i dunno what im typing about..
and if u dont understand my alien-ed sentences..sry ya..xD
skip this =D

im damn bored cuz i hurted my leg and didnt go for work for 5 days..
i got fever, cough, flu, sore throat, etc..
got it wrapped up and i walk like a cripple now..='(
but if u know me..u will know that i cannot stop walking around..
my mum treated me like princess and wouldnt let me walk here or there..
took everything i needed to me..and i felt bad about it..
instead of taking something..i wouldnt wanna take it ady..

okay larhhh..
dunno what im typing about..
thats me =D
and thats all for today..


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

once again..we went..=D

went to my dad's grandma's house on last sunday morning..
guess what they are looking at..xD
 its pinang =D
noe whats this anot? google it larhh..
random pic that i love =D

went Muar after that..
went to my grandma's house too xD

dump mummy in Muar..
(no larhh..actually mum wanna acc grandma =)
and we went to Malacca..
cuz dad said that dajie didnt visit afamosa before..
and we headed to AFamosa..
4 of us went in..♥ 
headed to wild wild west show immediately cuz we went in about 2pm..=(
once again..i watched the show..
their show didnt change for dunno how many years de lerhhh..
cuz everytime i visits..their show remained the same..>.<..
multi animal show after that..haha..
the monkey is sitting on the buffalo..
so cute rite..xD
next..bird show..i love eagle btw..xD
elephant show =D
elephants are shoooo cute..
i wannn to bring it home..
shoooo cute larhh weyyy..

random photos
see see see..this baby so cute..=D
his bag dammnnn cute..
(zoom in the photo to look at it..)
notice the mirror there stated don't take photo.tq.
and i purposely took it with the hat..^___^..
lastly..a photo with my dajie =D

and last last lastly..
 we means me and dad..
and we went afamosa again..
in case u dunno what i mean..=D