Monday, January 16, 2012

the 28th day in Germany. 160112. montag

so far so good.
i mean very good.

i got to know that...

1) There's castles and churches everywhere in Europe, in each city and most of them are beautiful and well-maintained.
random ones in bamberg
2) In Czech Republic's casino, they had the minimum gaming age of 18 years old.
see how the guy concentrate in the game.
3) Germany's highway got no speed limit which you could drive 987123657km/h if you could.
220km/h for me is way to fast ady.
4) The original version of pretzels are salty and dry and hard. unlike those in Malaysia
okay la. Germans like it as their snacks. i'll still need more time to like it.
 5) Original black forest cake origins from Schwarzwald and it actually contains alcohol.
i guess the alcohol is in the cream. anyway it taste good =)

Germans are damn fortunate in many ways as they get their privilages.
dunno how to elaborate more about it and i guess the best way to know it is to experience and see it yourself.

Quote of the year by a drunkard during new year 2012.
'' You come Germany, you enjoy life! ''

Monday, January 9, 2012

it's ninth of jan

wanted to write everything out but somehow when i opened this post, i couldnt think much more and stop typing what i should.
what to do?
continue crapping

upload photos den.
it's the best i guess
checking out how snow flakes look like.
they really looks beautiful when u look carefully
but it have to be the fresh so it could be fluffy and soft.
snow could be hard and not beautiful when they are not fresh
for example like this:
this is not-so-fresh-snow when u pick up from the ground.
the fresh one would have fluffyyyyyy-until-can-die-look
zoom in to see how fluffy it is.
 hmmm next will be scenary photos
the sky was so blue so pretty
and looks like some fake background

and the following photo was took when i saw snow mountains for the first time.
they look gorgeous and  i really w-o-w.
tadaaaa. view from the car.
 its beautiful i know
imagine you're looking with your own eyes.
it's just in front of you.
the view was certainly more beautiful than the photo. #iswear

2012 Resolutions

1) Be nicer to all my family members and friends who cared about me
i mean more
2) Stop behaving like a kid and think too much about nonsense
nothing will happen if i dont think that much =)

 3) Get some work experiences
i wanna try working and earn money HAHAHAHA

4) Pick up some skills
feel like learning drum, xxxxe (secret) and secret again =.=

5) Reduce the times of throwing tantrums and getting angry
den only the relationship will lasts longe. i wan forever btw.

and i dont wan Judgment Day #thankyou

going to sleep now
12.47am ady.

my baby is 9 months old today :D

to my dearest, i'll still by your side no matter what happens

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

first update in 2012

see who's beside me. he knows how to dodge himself out of the camera. good job!
music plays : (Jay Sean's 2012)
Party like, like it's the end of the world
We gonna party like, like it's 2012

whatever, its 2012!
had a new year celebration
the most special one in my 20 years of breathing
playing pop songs and sang and drank
and i found my love
tequila with salt and lemon
had it once before
but dont really like it last time and i dont know why
i likes it and it taste nice
spot my love with tequila with salt and lemon
riesling beside it also taste nice

they tried to make me drunk but they failed
im not drunk at all.
just a bit dizzy and unable to walk in a straight line.
the ability to take liquor are in our blood =)

first meal in 2012 also started in a good way.
eating in a restaurant by the riverside with good atmosphere

k larh. getting busy now.