Monday, August 29, 2011

holiday mode ON

exams are coming and im still havin my holidays now.
hehehe. going towards the north part of Malaysia for the next few days

hints : Strawberries


Famous Dim Sum

ciao. miss me :)
the facial expression of the person beside me was way too ugly. i cant stop myself from mosaic-ing. xD
btw, my phone died ady.
anyone who wish to contact me, 
either tweet me (reply as soon when im on9) or phone my mum :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

240811 =)

tadaaaa. the two of us went out shopping and take photos =)
drank chatime bought camera and clothes

using poster effect =)
most to the time, the two of us will keep on taking photos
thats what we do normally xD

took hundreds of photo like that cuz most of the phailed xD
had lotsa fun and enjoyed =)

Saturday, August 20, 2011


"Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it."
Thomas Fuller

Friday, August 19, 2011

we went out :)

we went golfing :)
our damn nice coach :D

this was so much fun and i wanna try it again!!!

golfing is a game where u need to hit the golf ball using the golf club(stick)
thats not as easy as you think =.=
cuz there are a few times i hit and missed xD

aiming the range ball

hit the ball and

see how far the range ball went xD
narhh. HAHAHAHA.
see coach's pattern. aiks. wanna copy also hard xD
forget to mention that
we went to Bukit Banang Golf & Country Club
here's the charges for the range balls

jia yee with the buggy :)
if im not wrong, 13 people went together.
some of us went swimming and some of played golf xD
here's a photo of them 
amazing right? 
ate ice-cream after all them sport activities =)
peppermint mui ling xD
mr mooncake drove his  4O too.. (o.O)
took photos after that :)
preparing to stand side by side :)
all of us wore white coloured shirt XD
nice one and i love this xD
went to the playground nearby and continue taking lame photos xD
does this looks real? we actually didnt move :)
jia yee and yuka :)
miss jia yi :)
emo girl xD
9 people together :)
zoom in to see mr. abby's expression (fourth from right)
a blur jumping pose
lol =.=
all of us imitating abby's pattern xD
cheu kiek's eyes going to pop out ady

pattern liao liao
hmmmm.. thats a lot of photos for this post ady.
so im gonna stop now
and enjoy :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

some kind of retro pic :)

doing something crazy in a very busy and hectic life
kind of enjoying it

Monday, August 15, 2011


某個下午 某种愛喝的飲料



Sunday, August 14, 2011

updates on the twelve of august

shock you to death :)
lol im not that bad actually :)

short update begins

ever since my dad knew he got the privilege to watch movie at cheaper price.
i've accompany him for movies every single weekend.
do u know whats the meaning of EVERY SINGLE weekend?

two weeks ago, i watched Captain America.
felt s**** about the captain cuz he could straight away sleep for 70 years
den last week when i watch The Rise of the Planet of the Apes.
i felt ridiculous cuz the apes could actually TALK
and today
i watched Cowboys & Aliens. which was absolutely RIDICULOUS.
i almost slept in the cinema.

okay larh. you can say that i really dont know how to appreciate those bombing scenes and aliens moving around eating people.
that was totally torturing me in the cinema

k enuf of movies
i get sick of it ady.
next movie will be Zookeeper :)

random photos :)
shin me mui and yuka vava jojo ying xD
love this photo and i dont know why hahahaha
(=.=) hahahaha
wore sam's jacket the whole night =.= hahaa
elaine's 18th birthday
xiaoxiaoming's cute expression :)

lastly i wanna say
everything is done
excited and happy 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

this little area

sharing the thoughts and all the happiness and sadness seems to be the main idea of having a blog
anyone could express out all their feelings out in the little area they had created
those words doesnt have to be reached out to all people around the world
but at least they could let those who care understand what they're thinking
and thats how some other people could understand someone better

as for me, i dont need anyone to be here to read anything
you could be anonymous and unintentionally to read what i had wrote
this little area is where i wanna post my stuffs and random rantings
you're welcome here if u wanna know more things about me
if you wanna criticism me, you're not welcome here
anyway, i know you wont because you're someone who want to know me better
thats why you're reading what i've typed
dont lie to yourself

k larh
i guess i should really do some colouring or homework
i should really stop online-ing

btw, friends really do concern each others when problems cropped up =)


see yuka vava jojo ying
she's wearing my clothes
demonnn :)

aiyorrr. tired larhh weyyy.
been playing bejeweled.
and dunno what to blog about ady. hahahahaha.
 k larh. going to play bejeweled again.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

miss me!?

should have a short update since i didnt turn on my laptop for such a long time

lets start with what im busy with
coating the canvas for two days ady
and the colouring part
10 pieces of it took me more than 20 days
i haven finish yet hahahaha

some random pic recently

27th July 2011
cute right????
watched Mr.Popper's Penguins and laughed out super duper loudly in the cinema
anyway laughing out loudly with friends were super enjoying
shopped and sang after that :)

28th July 2011
had a big nice meal with neighbours
my fav crabs and other seafoods

29th July 2011
went for shopping with mum the whole afternoon :D
bought new clothes hahahahahaha
went out with friend in the night
night view but its blur cuz didnt brought my camera along
went up to Soga Hill cuz nowhere to go
and went up to Minyak Beku for tea sessions

 30th July 2011
gek me and ching
mui mui with her cute expression :)
the spec couples =D

xiaozhen 38 hahahaha
we hang out together the whole day
ate played camwhored crazy-ed and siao-ed

1st August 2011
my only motivation - FOOD
2nd August 2011
measure and cut the cloth
stapler it on the wood
started to colour the canvas using white paint

spent the rest of the day colouring and lazying around

and printed out 80 pieces of cert until i wanna vomit up

doesnt have enough sleep everyday again
kinda of stressed up cuz exams coming and i still can finish my work and revisions
and mosquito stings me every single day
but overall its FUN larh

took too much of photos and wanted to post it up
but i didnt due to unsufficient time =E


bye bye
i wanna sleep now