Monday, February 13, 2012


should update what situation im in now.

I'm currently unemployed-finished-studying and waiting for results.
I have friends who thought im still in KL.
FYI, I'm back in BP and waiting for the time to pass.
At least until August 2012.

As i said, after exams i went Germany for 1 month. and came back last month and straight away spend my whole chinese new year with loves one and friends.
after CNY  i went Bali for holiday again and there's still a lot of things yet to do.
in between i went to Malacca, Muar and Pontian too. time doesnt seems enough.
didnt really plan to start working as this is the last long-holiday i have. #cherish
It might be a bit bored cause all my friends had started working.
But at least, i got my time for updating my blog and start to compress my photos. =)
Sometimes i go for shopping, sitting in some random cafe online-ing and eat and lepak in mamak stalls.
Should start my series and painting next week. #IfICan
So much things to do and yet im still procrastinating.
Need a turn-over for my room. First of all is to clean it. Aiks. If the turn-over is successful, i'll post photos of it.

Going airport again tomorrow night. xoxo
Hate the journey from a place to a place in the car.
Somehow i feel nausea in the car bumping around and that sucks.
Motion sickness, i called it.
whatever. i just hate it.

*Mum called when i was updating my blog, going to meet her now.
Hug and kisses from me =)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

bali 2012 (beaches)

reached malaysia yesterday night and bali is beautiful. (some certain place.)
should post some photos about it or else it would be in the harddrive and never see the light again. hahahaha.

here we go.
start with beaches.
due to insufficient time, 3 beaches was visited.

First beach in the second day.
Nusa Dua Beach. beautiful and clean.
but the weather was hot and sunny.
planned to try parasailing. but the wind was too strong. unable to parasail. haiz.
zoom in and you will see it's raining.
The second beach was Kuta Beach.
overall was dirty and full of Indonesian.
its a public beach thats y there's a lot of people.
brought the mat along and lying on the beach enjoying sea breeze.
walk along the seaside to enjoy the sunset too.
the third beach :Sanur beach on the fourth day. 
a beach where you can see the sunrise.
i went in the afternoon and the water is clean and nice.
one thing special about sanur was this (see below)
the same beach : consists of two types of sand.
on the left : white sand
on the right : black sand
special right?
the black sand contains volcano substances that cause it to be black.
and the black sand was blocked by the divided and that remained the other side's sand was clean and white.

end of the beaches part.
will update more tomorrow.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

she's crying

ok larh. the title is totally non of my business.
im watching Onlylady and the female lead was sobbing sadly.

im back in malaysia from germany on the jan 20th.
luggages was awfully heavy
if there's next time, i would ensure i wont bring any rubbish back. =)

the last pretzel i had. bought in munich hauptbahnhof and ate it in the airport.
love-shaped pretzel <3

im still in my chinese new year mood now
and still waiting for my results
been having mixed feelings and i dont really know whether it's a good thing a not.

whatever den.
i enjoyed and will keep enjoying

幸福  不是言语能形容的 =)