Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I've reached.

first snow in Marienplatz, Munich
first meal in La Pizzelta

this would be a nice memorable thing happen in my 19.

everything, every place, everyone is huge
when i was travelling on the plane alone, everyone looked at me as why a little kid travelling alone and bring such a lot of luggage.
stop discrimination. so what im from Malaysia?
i proud of teh tarik and maggi goreng ayam.

whatsapp currently not available
something wrong with the internet
just leave a message on my wall
no one could see it
cuz i turn on the setting ady =)

miss me

Monday, December 12, 2011

i suppose i should post something.

christmas reaching soon and decorations are everywhere.
outing with BFFs were superb, fun and enjoying.
laughter were everywhere.

after my exams, i'll upload all the due photos up for sure.
i've been promising everyone that i would upload all the photos as all of them are in my hand.

hmmm lastly,
to whom that will contact me via viber, whatsapp, tango, line, whatever etc,
contact 6121 instead of 6621 k
the rest number would be the same.
you'll know the reasons after a week.
if nothing urgent just place a message at fb if you're finding me.
dont contact via phone if you dont wanna pay much for it. *please remember*


Friday, December 2, 2011

Aloha December =D

i promised to blog on wednesday. and here i come. on friday.
i went out for movies and shopping these two days.
Christmas is coming and decorations are everywhere.
guess what i spot?
can someone tell me what is this?
an angel? a snowman? a bee?

due to my major papers were over, and the next paper is still far far far away,
i've bought movie tickets for the movie "You Are The Apple In My Eye".
watching tonight =)
must be great but what i hate was Malaysia always cut the scenes and audiences usually ended up watching a not-complete-movie. 
i wanna buy the book although i've finished reading it ady.
but i wanna have a copy of it. but i've went to 3 branches of Popular.
they've run out of stock. #damn
what to do? wait. patiently. lol.
Support Originals thank you =)

k larh. enough of crapping.
im going to get ready for my movie now =)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

a post to activate back.

okay larh. actually dunno what to start with after stop posting stuffs here for such a long time.
i've been busy studying, filling up my time with books and past year questions.
and used up the spare time for sleeping
sometimes i'll check mails, replying twitter or fb-ing. 

three papers had declared over and 5 coming next. 

its been quite some times since i ever take out my baby to capture moments.
its okay. im going to spend my next 9 months playing with it.
sunflowers growing everywhere.
Anyone who wish to plant sunflowers, get the plants from me. Foc. =)
i still cant figure out why a 105mm lens could capture such a small insect.  seriously, anybody noes the reason?
hehehe. nothing else to write now.
i'll start sharing things after next wednesday!
wait for me =)

except for the biatch ^____^

Saturday, November 5, 2011


只有我了解 这幸福感觉 
能够 遇见你 认识你 喜欢你 爱上你 
只有你明白 我有多珍贵 
请你继续温柔 交换我 灿烂笑容 
一天一天 到永远那一天 

我们不要辜负这幸福 一定要更加幸福 
如果爱 真的是 那么的少 

Sunday, October 30, 2011


請你看完這篇 然後乖乖去溫書

現在 每個人應該都一樣
想把考試考好來 然後拿好成績
我也一樣啊 (我考完試有好多好多東西要做!!)
一直想在這裡寫東西 一直想放照片上網
可是 我一直跟自己說不可以不可以 最後一次了
要讀書 要溫書 要做功課 要復習
今天寫了這篇就到考試的時候才寫了 (我盡量啊)
不可以一直放重自己 一直跟著自己的意思走
所以 就要讀書!!!
我可愛的電話墻紙 =)
一直覺得看到這些有的沒有的東西會激勵我自己一點點 哈哈哈 =)

大家一起讀書 一起做功課 一起溫習 感覺很棒勒
雖然中間都會有人爆走 拍照玩game之類的
雖然這樣很不好啦 可是 大家相處得時間就不知不覺的變多了
真是懷念那種感覺啊 xD

就這樣 不蛤了

我說我壓力大的時候喜歡拍照 你相信嗎? 哈哈哈

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Strike On Me

since when (i dunno) im getting more crazier than ever before.
these two years, i realized that im living in a super fulfilling life that i ever had.
i captured down my memories like they wont happen again.
i treasured those memories like i got no more chance to meet them ever.
but hopefully that wont happen.
i still wish to be with all my loved ones around me.
you'll are AWESOME.
laughter, smiles and giggles were around when we all are together.

a sudden thought strike on me, what will happen to me when all these ends?
everyone will have different paths in the future. right?
although i keep urging to finish my major exams faster, but i dont wan to end our happy times together.
exams end on 13 December (finally free) and starts on 21 November.
i know i'll miss all the times we had.
and this is just an random ranting post.
just ignore me. hahahahaha.
that's so US. random photo took from facebook.
everyone doesnt notice the camera and here came up the most natural pose of us xD

but no matter what happens,
smile to face it =)

Happy Deepavali =)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Twist Of Fate

changed back to slippers from high heels =)
seriously, high heels are such a pain for feets
and i wonder why everyone still wearing heels?
i regretted anyway. i hate wearing high heels seriously. damn

love my hair that day =)
the theme for this event was red for guys and purple for ladies
and i guess about 2% of all the people that attended the event wore non-purple.
and for your information, i wore purple =.=. lol.

due to insufficient time i got, gonna settle this post with only a few photos =)
dont blame me. im busy k.
with shinshin =)

sorry for not uploading photos on facebook
thats way too much for few thousands of photos to be compress and upload at a time.
im going to upload all the photos and videos in my harddrive after my major exams k?

loves from me

i know im really bad for posting such a short post
but still love me k xDDDD
you know you love me

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Logos Hope ♥

To me, Logos Hope is basically a ship that that known as the world's largest floating Book Fair.
there's a big part of the bookstore consisting biblical books
and if you're not an Christian, you can still find some storybooks and references.
the best part i loved the most =)
Since they travel through so many countries, the books they offer is priced in units.
But the poster chart is easily to find and converting units into local currency is easily be done.
there. 100 units = RM8 xD
me buying books =)))))
then there's a more things to explore in the ship. theatre, international cafe etc.
and the most important is, you cant feel anything on the ship.
you wont know you're in a ship anyway. i guess that's because the ship is way to big.
there's a lot of this kind of wallpaper in the part 'Journey Of Life'.
Basically, the Journey Of Life is a part where the volunteers will tell a story about a prodigal son.
skip this part and off to the International Cafe.
the menu wrote "no ice-cream lah' was to confuse you but you can just order the  ice-cream
and i ordered a chocolate ice-cream too. =)

and others will be keep exploring inside the ship.
logos hope travels to worldwide
all the crew were from worldwide and they're all volunteers. =)

and i swear this is the first time i saw so many Carlsberg in my life. really. xD

Logos Hope will be leaving Port Klang this coming 24th October.
Or else you'll have to travel to Kuching as it will be the next stop.
So, grab you chance to visit it soon.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thursday & Friday

with swollen eyes >.< =)))))
skipped class in the morning and
went TeaBar with love ones in the afternoon
and this was the only photo of me.
Simple meeting is so crucial that no arguements came up =)

Wine Day 141011
forgot whose drinks ady xD
games we played. - bottoms up!!!
yuka's drinksssss xDDDDDDD
chatting in the loud music.
girls =)
birthday boy biting candle xD
due to several reasons, group photos are not allowed to upload.
photos were too ugly etc.
thats all =)

k larh. going to shopping now.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Taman Botani Johor

skipped the whole desaru holiday trip and straight away blog about 111011.

the four of us went to Sri Medan to take photos.
and cuz the 3 of them didnt go there before, i became the driver. =)
me, zhonglin, jolyn and jerry =)
the two of them purposely wore couple t-shirt xD
Jo's love is FOREVER slanted and nothing else we can do about it. 
slippers as bunny's ears lol xD
like this photo but zhonglin's head is way to much crooked hahahaha.
and here comes the palia's pose xD
acting to quarrel lol

Behind-the-scene =)

the end =)