Wednesday, April 18, 2012


hi :D

skipped lang tengah, merang, cherating, teluk cempedak, kuantan post. 
skipped A'Famosa D'Lagos villa plus fireworks' plus melacca post.


here to say


3.48am now

(the culprit must be the milk tea)


i wanted to say that i hurt my back recently. 
and went for whole body massage sponsor by dad. =目
aka urut-ing the muscles.
feeling better now.
dafuq when it pains.

i thought i wont be working for this 9 months holiday.
but im wrong. 
drink more tea and you'll see me there. =)

brought yaschica's branded camera for photoshooting few days ago.
love it vintage way and thanks for pork who took the photos.
(he insisted that must credit to him =.=)

and i think i must force myself to sleep naw. 
or else, i'll die in my workplace tomorrow.

this is a super random contain nothing post.
dont blame me.
dunno what to write.
and i know you still love me.