Saturday, December 14, 2013

I wondered.

Sometimes I wondered, is there really someone who continuously stalking on my blog?
I wondered, if you really care for me or just random reading?

Hmmm, sometimes wondered too much is not a good thing.
I merely wanted to note it down what had happened and to those who care, thank you :D

2013 is going to end.
I've done some thinking too.
A lot had changed from 2012 to 2013.
What had happened in this year was totally out of my thoughts.
I never knew I would have this day.

K larh, going to enjoy life dy.
kudos :)

Thursday, December 5, 2013


December 2013

it's December
2014 coming soon

time passed too fast 
i want and i need a nice rest

time is certainly not waiting for anyone
thats y we need to plan
but plan changes faster than the time 
what to do

whatever larh

going to do some homework and have a sleep

*just to keep this place alive :D

Monday, November 18, 2013

Be thankful.

Did I mention that I've dyed back my hair back to normal?
no more dip dyed.
Last Friday when I went out with AhJo, i realized that I've got no photos of mine online after dying my hair.
Didn't really took much photos after dying my hair.
But still have to some up here in case you forgot how I looked like. haha
Here's one took on last Saturday in a themed cafe :)

I've wanted to write something here every two or three days
but then there're always things cropping up and i got no time for writing all these stuffs.

After my final exams, I thought I'll be having a 2 months long holiday.
(Btw, I skipped the internship)
But things changed faster than the plans.
Straight after the weekend of my finals, I started my Deutschkurs.
An intensive one.
That's learning a new language at the age of 21.
I know German is a tough language but I'll try my best to master it.
Sentence construct is hard and it doesn't make sense at all. 
Pronunciation is even absurd.
The word looks like that but pronounce in a different sound.
Overall, the class is very very enjoying :) 
A sneak peek at my 'hausaufgaben' = homework
Get to knew friends from different backgrounds and their stories are always that amazing.
We share stories every Mon to Fri before class and during the break.
The class in always full of laughter unlike those lectures in uni.
I guess I will miss this class badly after this course.

I've once again learned how to appreciate life.
I saw how her family member cried.
A 16 years old girl died because her house maid went berserk and stabbed her twice.
She died on the spot.
Life is so fragile.
Frau Charles said to us, remind us that we have to be thankful.
Thank God we're still living on.
We can't be sure that we'll still be on this earth tomorrow.
Love the ones beside you.
And be brave to love and express it out.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Life after this.

Hmm, had been thinking on what lies ahead.
I know life's is getting better and better.
Someday, it will be enough.
And someday, I'll be even more contented.

I cant predict what will be happening next.
For the time being, learning is the best thing.
And I will try my best to try harder.
And i really don't want to lose anyone in this.

So much bless now that causes me to scare what if one day i lost it.
So much love and care now causes me to scare being alone.

What to do?
It's growing up.


If we get thru this, we'll be unbeatable.

Sunday, October 20, 2013


不能把你自己觉得的东西 放在别人身上
对我来说 看世界很重要 因为是钱买不到了
可是 我可以说 我不是自己以为我很开心
我是 很惜福
因为我有的 是你不懂的
而且我没有必要跟你说 我到底有什么
我也会很开心离开 因为我已经得到我要的了
不是没有更高的目标 是已经足够了
我有的 你或许这辈子也得不到

当你要求很高时 没有不好 可能是你的推动力
可是过度的 也没有很好
自以为是 会把你拉下来的
真的 有一天你会后悔的

你说 读书要A才是厉害
说真的 你真的觉得读书一定要全部A才算厉害吗?
这里的制度 其实只要你会背书 你就能考到很好了不是吗
真的觉得读死书 一点都没有用
凭良心讲 有任何意义吗

有时 很想知道你到底在想什么
可是 算了吧 哈哈哈
你也是生命中 一个过客罢了
谢谢你那么的XX 让我知道人 还是开心的好.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

better to give, rather to take.

mum always tell me.
it's okay is i didnt get what should had been given.
we should appreciate.
the god had loved and always dotes me.
and im glad 
that im so blessed

吃亏时 就说 不用紧不用紧
没事的 :)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Life is short.

Cherish everything when owned.
Let go of what doesn't belong to you.
Be happy.

You will be remembered.
And free from pain.


Baby, you're a firework
Come on, let your colours burst
Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh"
You're gonna leave 'em all in awe, awe, awe
Boom, boom, boom
Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon
It's always been inside of you, you, you
And now it's time to let it through-ough-ough

im exhausted.
two of my photos of the day.
ciao. going to sleep now.
elaborate more when im free :D

Monday, September 30, 2013

so random.

night with starbucks.
4 days off but packed with activities.
going to rock my oct soon lol

yesterday was a crazy night.
next time, dont ever play with such games.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

it's late but better than none.

i never expected i'll got this bunch of happiness. :D
Here's a late post of my 21st birthday. 
Just to noted it down here for my future reminisce about my official date.

Woke up at 6 for breakfast with a bunch of newly known people.
The day start with whole morning spending with around 450 kids in a primary school nearby my place.
Basically, keep them in control. 
A new experience for me. 
Kids are so annoying but so cute in contrast.

They insisted on taking photos and here's my favorite one.
I talk nicely, shouted, yelled, and lastly persuaded them.
And i found out i got some bit of patience towards kids lol.

Back. and I wonder why i reached the entrance of my place and i cant go back
 headed to Mid Valley for snowflakes and i dunno why.
Got dragged and stalled until 3pm and finally im back to my place.

A surprise came in.
Thanks so much for all the surprises. Seriously.
Not to describe anything about the surprise.
Cause I'll really remember vividly and never forgot.

Spending evening nua-ing (lazying) at home with them and bbq dinner at an awesome restaurant and karaoke sessions  from late night until 2am.

I'm never thought much about those suspicious act.

especially this person
we purposely take photo with one piece of meat lolllll
who normally drove 80-90km/hr but drove 30-40km/hr
who normally drove on the fast lane but drove on the slowest lane 
who keep asking weird questions
who act so suspiciously that i REALLY SHOULD FOUND OUT
i must be really damn insensitive ishhhh


I know you guys really planned this so far earlier than I had ever thought.

This is the year where i really celebrated my 21st.
Thanks daddy for the anklets and cash
Thanks mummy for the key pendant which indicates im free lol
Thanks dajie erjie for the gifts and promises and cash hehe
Thanks guai ka and ahjo for the present i used it ady :D
Thanks my roommate and housemates for the late present which i adore so much
Thanks to you-know-who-you-are for all the presents.
This year's presents are the most expensive presents i ever got. lol
Opps, thanks for all the messages, calls, birthday songs, audios and everything.
I'm really a blessed one.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

You & Me.

Taking a trip down memory lane
Things have changed, one thing remains
That they will always have each other

And even though those days have gone
They know here is where they belong
There's some kinda magic in the air

Feel the warmth
That only summer breezes can bring
Sweet little notes of spring begin
Nothing to fear

Taking one step at a time
Walking hand in hand
1, 2, 3, 4, cheek to cheek

And they're learning how to do that dance
Let this love be forever more they say
I wish for this to be true for you and me

Holding her close, he leading the way
Out at the park, enjoying the day
And you can tell they'll be okay

Feel the warmth
That only summer breezes can bring
Sweet little notes of spring begin
Nothing to fear

Taking one step at a time
Walking hand in hand
1, 2, 3, 4, cheek to cheek

And they're learning How to do that dance
Let this love be forever more they say
I wish for this to be true for you and me

Taking one step at a time
Walking hand in hand
1, 2, 3, 4, cheek to cheek

And they're learning How to do that dance
Let this love be forever more they say
I wish for this to be true for you and me

To be true for you and me
To be true for you and me
You and me, you and me


Saturday, September 21, 2013

another decision made.

so far yet so near.
my future. my life.
got decided.
with or without you.
mixed feelings ya.

good luck to myself :)
& hopes everything goes well.

一路走来 真的好不容易.

I didnt mean to.

good day. another impromptu decision.
im going to rock my 21st :D

my first para sailing.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Law Of Attraction.

Basically, i adopted this law in my life and i didn't know it actually had a name. 
(i thought i was pantang like those old generations but i was wrong)
I found out today and the name was law of attraction.

It actually mean we attract whatever we think about, either good or bad.

Click this to know more about Law of Attraction!

here's one thing about me, whenever i'm finding parking places in kl or bp, i always had an urge to tell myself i'm very LUCKY and somehow i dunno y i always got to find it. whenever my friends say i wont find it easily, i'll be rude to ask them shut up cause im taboo about it. lol.
whatever larh, as long as i can find parking places easily. hehe :)

Use the Law of Attraction.

and so far, i think it's really a good habit to adopt this law tehee :P

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

no caption.



*saw this online and found it quite true :)

Monday, September 16, 2013

From now onward.

i'll go step by step.
Enjoy of being me again.

From now onward, i'll update here everyday. 
at the most two days one post.
and ignore if i use old photos k. 
make it a tumblr in blogspot lol

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


random informing,
I'm officially 21st. :)

should update frequently

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

set your dreams far.

i've always ask myself to remember
to set my own dreams far.

so far so good.
i've my own dreams.
dare to dream, dare to realize it.
even im afraid, i'll try my very best.

how long till my dreams come true?
stop dreaming and start realizing.

move on.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013



我买相机 我买我要的东西 是经过认真考虑的
可是我什么都不会说 因为你有你的观念

读书嘛 每个人观念不一样
有的人可以玩 也可以读到很好 因为时间安排到很好
有时候真的是要study smart 不是study hard
很多时候 对我来说 事实就是事实
可是 为什么要把事情复杂化呢

有人问过我 生活是为了什么
认真的想一想 为了爱的人
又被问 是我爱的 还是 爱我的
想了很久 还是不懂 大概是
为了爱的人生活 是因为爱的人 是我的动力
为了爱我的人 是因为 我太幸福有你们在我身边了
我想 答案应该是 两个都有吧

好啦 我要study smart了
要安排好时间 现在读书
再去玩 :)

spot dad's flower on his ear when we're in tanah lot, bali :D #happydaddysday

Friday, June 14, 2013

always. always.

idk why i always post things whenever im really busy -.-
3 mid terms in combo but still stucking myself to the laptop.
happens to me all the time. as usual.

okay. just accuse me being too free again.
i know i suppose to spend more time studying and revising.
i couldnt stop loving the bling bling on my nails. 
i did it myself btw :)

hands on too :D
i guess im really too free damn it :D

k larhhhh should really try to manage my time in a proper way.
Being a helper for Famine 30 :)

What my love bought for me and mum from Cameron Highland lol

spot the weirdness lol
as usual, my mum's doings. lol.
bear pawwwwww :P


there are things i wanted to maintain in the same way
there are matters that shouldn't be change
i don't wan the time to pass so quickly
i'm sorry cuz im not that attentive and considerate enuf
i just don't feel like putting all my attention in it
im sorry if i didn't make it the way you want it
im counting my blessing and appreciating every single thing

thank god im still alive.

i do. seriously.
like hell

ciao :D

Monday, June 3, 2013


cant find a suitable title for this post. 

it had been a practice for me to start my post with a selca photo. lol.
just to tell you guys im still living well and changing every single day.
got nothing to blog about actually.
life still goes on.
either busy hectic relaxing enjoying or just nothing
hahaha k larh. impossible to have just nothing

into obsession with braiding recently lol
not even braided own hair. braided others too -.-
waterfall braid fishtail braid french braid uneven braid
whatsoever braid larhhh

had a short road trip
k larh not that short.
super enjoyed
and for sure i'll go visit you all next time
im so in love with the cooling and clear water yarhhh :)

i came to realize that

need to maintain it with time
with heart
and need to make effort in it to make it everlasting
even we are fat or old or fat and old 

k larh 
a decent photo of them
still a weird pose of weesheng. but this laugh us off lol.

and miss them.
indescribable feeling.



Sunday, May 19, 2013

对不起. 关心我的人.

给 说要送我拥抱然后给我骂的人:
我只要心情比较不好 你都可以很明白
你的所作所为很容易被看穿 让我看了很开心啊

只要我不对劲 你都知道原因
每天拆穿我 很讨人厌
可是 又是个知道我在想什么的人
我每天放你飞机 你也念念一下就没事了
也是 谢谢你的出现.

给 不擅长安慰说话的人:
你的个性 就是这样 关心也不会说出来
可是 看你那么不会说话的份上 就原谅你吧
终于跟你说了 我很珍惜你 珍惜这份友情
你竟然说 不知道的人还真的以为你在交代生后世勒
就一句 steady啊朋友 谢谢你啦.

给半夜会无聊白痴sent sticker不然就yo我的人:
你观察很仔细 有时 变得很恐怖
所以 也是 谢谢你 谢谢你的出现.

再来 给会心疼我的人:
对不起啦宝贝 我每次有事没事都会打给你
我觉得你每次看到我打给你 应该就是 "又来" 这种感觉
我每次都问你 做么不要快点滚回来
每次都问你 为什么不要让我出门一直遇见你
我知道你很无奈啦 啊哈哈
谢谢你的出现 如果没有遇见你 我的人生会少了很多乐趣.

第一句 还是要跟你说对不起 我知道你会说 "不要白痴啦"
我不是什么都不跟你说 是我觉得我的事情
我那么样 真的是不对 我不知道要怎样回复你
所以 对不起 我不是故意的
你一直都是我很好的说话对象 很会保守秘密的人
所以 你结婚 我不管 我一定要做姐妹伴
谢谢你 谢谢你的出现.

我离你那么近 却不知道要怎样当面跟你说
我跟你的关系 像是不可以多说秘密 又好像应该多说点东西来分享
很可惜的事 我们彼此还是隔着一些人物
我知道你不会乱说话 可是 就是我自己的心理障碍
对不起 我不知道要怎样回复你 所以假装没有看到.

给 介绍我不懂17多还是18多花 的人:
我知道你很努力的让我开心 什么事都让着我都听我说
你很努力的给我安全感 给我认可
可是 我的脑里 只有一个问题 可以维持几久啊.
好啦 谢谢你 说要陪我去海边玩 :)

每一段 都是想跟不一样人说的话

Saturday, May 18, 2013

some said.

typed and backspaced.

始终还是遇到了. 你的一切还是没有变到.
那种熟悉感还是有在. 加上一直莫名的奇怪感.
whatever larh. 为了你的将来加油吧.

你们的每一个好意 我都会记着
总而言之 你们的好 我真的都有记住了

一切的幸福 从来都没有必要大事普涨
只要自己懂得惜福 就好了

我们这7个的感情 根本就不知道怎么形容
就是 形容不了
但 却那么的珍惜对方

就这样 写了 打了一些东西在这儿
我的 未来 还是充满希望的 :)
我有很乖 要去睡觉了



Monday, May 13, 2013


因为想你 想的快疯了.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Beautiful start of my semester break :)

[Random Photos Post]

One of my favourite sports :)

Finally, it's my semester break. :)

It started in a good way
and hopefully
end in a good way too

wearing saree is a BIG knowledge larh weyyy
notes with photos and my baby carrot :D
she said take half of her face only lurhhh
mango mango <3 td="">
showcase day :)
mochi sweets during exam day.
every wednesday :)
swannnn in this kind of scorching weather o.0
buzan dayyy
hot air balloonnnnn
dad did this to my house wall lollll
Genting :)
Fly on the phone lolll

Pretty awesome days and this is such a stupid post. :目


*healthy lifestyle* 
sleep early wake up early
free from alcohol
be happy :)