Saturday, August 9, 2014

Stumbling into old photos. #1

Because it's sis birthday today. 
I tried to dig out some of my photos with her.
And this lead to the random stumbling into some of my old photos.
Let's #throwback!!
Abendessen im Hofbräuhaus
Dinner in Hofbräuhaus

This was took on my second visit to Munich :)
Started the day travelling from Nuremberg to Munich.
First destination is Nymphenburg Palace.
Went there just to walk around like what normal Germans would do in the spare time
Spazieren gehen. (to take a stroll)
Basically, i slept on the car and got woke up by Herri and tadaaaa.
We reached this place which i dont really know where's the exact location.
(Passengers always dont know the way/roads hehe)
There are lots of beautiful swans and mandarin ducks.
Mandarin ducks are always in pairs awhhhh so sweet
Walked around and enjoyed the scenery.
See the sun rays. Thats what everyone love in winter :DD

So stunning right?

After that we visited some churches, the city and we headed for dinner.
It's at Hofbrauhaus am Platzl, opposite hard rock cafe.

While waiting for the food, I explored the restaurant. Hahaha.
It's really big and pretty :)))))

And the interior design is so specialll.
What we ordered :DDD
spot the famous pork knuckle inside the photo hahaaha

my favourite pretzalllll <3 td="">

There's this group of people who perform music for the customers.
Mainly classical music i think. Not really sure of that.


If you're a football fan den you will know what this means.
*Smiling evilly* 

Need to study now.

P/s: Erjie, alles Gute zum Geburtstag!!

Friday, July 11, 2014

You're the one who are pushing me.

i cant stand it anymore.
i will move asap when i found a place.
and im not afraid to let anyone know the reasons i wanted to move.
because i did nothing wrong.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Balancing relationship.

I've always wondered., how to balance each of the relationship we had well?
I admit that a lot of time and care needed in it. For instance, you have to remember their preferences, birthdays and lots more.

I'm blessed to have superb relationship with my family and bf/f.
It's hard to give three portions of your time equally to this three categories.
But i think i'm really super duper lucky and glad that i had three of these.

You shouldn't cling to family and don't have friends.
You shouldn't have bf and ignore family and friends.
It's could be the hardest thing for me to choose one from these.
I will definitely choose my family but i wouldn't bear to let go any of others.
All of them are so so so important in my life.
I always wondered, why someone could live only with one of these.
We all need friends in our lives to carry on, arent we?

I love how technology had brought us together.
Facetime, Whatsapp, Line and Facebook. All these makes us easier to connect with each other.
Compared to last time, when my parents need to talk to my sis, they will need to spend a lot calling her.
Now, everything had became free. Even calling from Germany just to chat are foc.
We even had whatsapp group to chat and share photos.
I also love how my whatsapp group rings every time.
Phone never stop having notifications.
We share about little stuffs in our life and get to know what all of us are doing every day.

Exchanging photos and news in whatsapp group. All of us are active in it and im glad we are.
Sometimes even when we didn't reply, but we know everyone read it with heart :D
Voice messages made me felt so warm that i can know whats ongoing in my family.

Practically, get spammed everyday. Whether it's important or not, it never can cannot stop ringing.
Ok larh, this explains why my phone is on silent mode 24/7.
Whenever im feeling down, i could speak it out to them and i will definitely get responses.
Whenever i had problems, they will try to give advice.
Everyone of my bff are so nice that once again, i wouldn't want to leave them.

Ok larh, im going to do my assignments AGAIN.
im going to get over all these assignments soon!

Friday, July 4, 2014

All worth it.

Photo of the dayyyy :)
Copyright reserved.
I'm having my midterms later and i felt my brain stuck ady.
That's why im here to blog about my gateaway instead of studying.
As usual, i'll only update my blog when im super busy.
In a sense that, i need some rest in between. HAHA.

Last weekend, it's Week 8 in my semester. 
Which indicate the period of midterms and assignments.
I dare myself and went for a beach gateaway.
My whole body including legs and arms was fully bitten by sea mosquito.
But the place worth it all.

I brought my slides along to study.
What i felt was so blessed.
Sea breezes, sunshine, and the sound of waves.
There's nothing better than this for me.

The corals are still that magnificent.
The feeling of diving into the sea and take photos.

The quality time spend with loved ones.

The sea creatures.

Starfishhhhhhhh mwah

The sun tan i got. Worth it.

Basically, i walk around without slippers and with a sarong on only.
The primitive feeling. LOL.
My hair got tangled 24 hours a day there.
After I didnt wash for 3 days because i forgot to bring shampoo.

Lastly, lemme take a selfie.


k larh. thats all.


Friday, May 23, 2014




我早上6点起来出门 你懂吗
我早上7点就到大学 你懂吗
我傍晚六点半下课赶去上另外一边的课塞车塞两个小时 你又懂吗

你不懂 你就闭嘴

我忙我的事情 忙得没吃早餐午餐晚餐 你又懂吗
我不是超人 我不会飞    我不会分身
你不了解我的情况 你就拜托闭嘴什么都不要说可以吗

我一直很想 要有规律的生活
几点起身都好 一定要有一定的时间睡觉
可是 很多东西根本就是计划不到的
变化 真可怕

好啦 人类更可怕

只要我有上晚上的课 我都有东西吃
谢谢你 :)

还有谢谢那些每天听我唠叨却不断的给我力量的人类们 :)
那些我有事 一定会帮我的你们 :)

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Blame on hormones.

been so frustrated and dont know what's happening.
been hating so much but dont know what im hating about.
feeling so weird that cant be explained.
so mad at myself but dont know what's the mad stuffs about.

sorry to those i've threw tantrums and tempers to.
blame on hormones ok?
i didnt mean to. i cant control myself well

i'll be fine after this.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Atmosphere.

Yesterday was Wesak Day.
All the plan fails when i don't feel like going out and spend extra money for activities i normally do.
i mean everything blooms up to at least 50% extra including cinemas, snookering, bowling sessions and k-sessions.
(im such a cheapo)

Den he suggested to go The Atmosphere.

Outfit of the day 

Photographer of the day 

This place is full of murals and it's consider half-indoor to me larh.
You will understand the meaning of half-indoor if you went.

Seriously i think im a better photographer. :D

Half of the mural lol

BANG BANG BANG kill the tetris lol

There're around 80 murals and im tired in posting each of them ady.
Go visit yourself if u want to see it haha

Here's the facebook page. There are so much of funny photos by others lol.

Ok i got to eat salted egg sotong for dinner and im overjoyed from it.

*To the one in UK, i was shocked to know that you've been reading this.
Kudos and meet in August :D

Monday, May 5, 2014

Super gateaway :)

had a super gateaway


now it's time to strive again for studies :D

Monday, April 14, 2014

Here we gooooo

It's been the same routine.
A couple days before my finals and i'll have the urge to blog.
More to ranting cause i've been killing too much of my brain cells xD

Always thanks to Mr. Thomas who never gave up in teaching me in so many semesters despite I'm totally a XXXXXX in front of him. Ok lah, I can treat you makan whatever you feel like to. Cause I'm really in-debt to you. What if you really accidentally read this, just keep quite and don't mention it in front of me ok? Just ask a big meal or Starbucks from me. Privilege only to you. *feeling meh*

There's so much things i wanna try in this coming sem break. Better note it down before i forgot any one of them.
1) Bake super yummy cheesecake and tiramisu-flavoured ones
2) Use dreamweaver or Kompozer to design this webpage (i know how to link to insta, twitter and fb dy)
3) Finish all Running Man series and watch “来自星星的你” (everyone seems fell in this drama)
4) Catch up and be super good in German classes :)
5) Spend my book voucher in buying a Langenscheidt Wörterbuch and the rest on stationary.
Did i mention that i got only around 10 days of break? including 4 days of classes LOL

my apple iphone was sent back to service center.
they said they need 7-14 days to check on it.
will have one to one replace if anything in it goes wrong.
I'M DYING!! ok larh not that exaggerate but seriously, i dont know i manage to sleep without phone these few days. :(

waipo, i will miss you banyak banyak de :(


外公等了17年 等到你了