Friday, July 4, 2014

All worth it.

Photo of the dayyyy :)
Copyright reserved.
I'm having my midterms later and i felt my brain stuck ady.
That's why im here to blog about my gateaway instead of studying.
As usual, i'll only update my blog when im super busy.
In a sense that, i need some rest in between. HAHA.

Last weekend, it's Week 8 in my semester. 
Which indicate the period of midterms and assignments.
I dare myself and went for a beach gateaway.
My whole body including legs and arms was fully bitten by sea mosquito.
But the place worth it all.

I brought my slides along to study.
What i felt was so blessed.
Sea breezes, sunshine, and the sound of waves.
There's nothing better than this for me.

The corals are still that magnificent.
The feeling of diving into the sea and take photos.

The quality time spend with loved ones.

The sea creatures.

Starfishhhhhhhh mwah

The sun tan i got. Worth it.

Basically, i walk around without slippers and with a sarong on only.
The primitive feeling. LOL.
My hair got tangled 24 hours a day there.
After I didnt wash for 3 days because i forgot to bring shampoo.

Lastly, lemme take a selfie.


k larh. thats all.


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