Sunday, July 6, 2014

Balancing relationship.

I've always wondered., how to balance each of the relationship we had well?
I admit that a lot of time and care needed in it. For instance, you have to remember their preferences, birthdays and lots more.

I'm blessed to have superb relationship with my family and bf/f.
It's hard to give three portions of your time equally to this three categories.
But i think i'm really super duper lucky and glad that i had three of these.

You shouldn't cling to family and don't have friends.
You shouldn't have bf and ignore family and friends.
It's could be the hardest thing for me to choose one from these.
I will definitely choose my family but i wouldn't bear to let go any of others.
All of them are so so so important in my life.
I always wondered, why someone could live only with one of these.
We all need friends in our lives to carry on, arent we?

I love how technology had brought us together.
Facetime, Whatsapp, Line and Facebook. All these makes us easier to connect with each other.
Compared to last time, when my parents need to talk to my sis, they will need to spend a lot calling her.
Now, everything had became free. Even calling from Germany just to chat are foc.
We even had whatsapp group to chat and share photos.
I also love how my whatsapp group rings every time.
Phone never stop having notifications.
We share about little stuffs in our life and get to know what all of us are doing every day.

Exchanging photos and news in whatsapp group. All of us are active in it and im glad we are.
Sometimes even when we didn't reply, but we know everyone read it with heart :D
Voice messages made me felt so warm that i can know whats ongoing in my family.

Practically, get spammed everyday. Whether it's important or not, it never can cannot stop ringing.
Ok larh, this explains why my phone is on silent mode 24/7.
Whenever im feeling down, i could speak it out to them and i will definitely get responses.
Whenever i had problems, they will try to give advice.
Everyone of my bff are so nice that once again, i wouldn't want to leave them.

Ok larh, im going to do my assignments AGAIN.
im going to get over all these assignments soon!

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